Sister Wives: The Disagreement

Sister Wives: The Disagreement

In Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter Ysabel Brown calls out Kody for having her priorities “screwed up” with her spinal surgery. Eighteen-year-old Ysabel was born with scoliosis and the curvature of her spine has caused her tremendous pain, requiring major surgery.

Last season, viewers watched and were outraged when Kody Brown decided not to fly to New Jersey to be by the side of his teenage daughter Ysabel Brown when she needed surgery.

In tonight’s episode, Kody admits he acted hypocritically when it comes to the COVID-19 rules he imposed on his large polygamous family.

Sister Wives: The Disagreement

During his solo testimonial, Kody tells the camera that he has three wives who are out of town, and says that each woman has a different take on COVID-19. “I’m not traveling with Christine Brown and Ysabel Brown on the way to Ysabel Brown’s surgery. I’m not going to the surgery. I think it’s very risky,” Kody confessed. Kody Brown then confessed to feeling a bit blasphemous and told the camera: “I also feel like a total hypocrite if I’m not keeping the rules that I’m asking, begging, literally begging everybody to keep.”

During Christine’s solo testimony, she confessed that Ysabel Brown “really relies” her father Kody when she is in pain, so she was worried about how their daughter would cope when her father is not around to comfort her.

Ysabel acknowledged in her couch talk that she thought her father should revisit what he puts at the top of his priority list.

Ysabel Brown later became emotional when she spoke about her father’s absence. “I think his priorities are a little screwed up,” she told the cameras through tears. “And l don’t want to disrespect him because he is my dad and I understand, I do. I do understand why he’s doing it, it’s just really frustrating and really, really hard.”

Now that “Sister Wives” fans know that Christine Brown has split with Kody outside of the series, Ysabel’s emotional struggle with Kody’s actions may have been another reason for their breakup.

Christine Brown hinted to her fans that the events that led to her and Kody’s breakup will be played out on Sister Wives this season.

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