Sister Wives: Robyn Is Regularly Criticized By Sister Wives Fans.

Sister Wives: Robyn Is Regularly Criticized By Sister Wives Fans.

Robyn Brown is constantly criticised by fans of Sister Wives, and more recently Brown family followers have become disillusioned with the TV show as it appears to have overshadowed Christine’s daughter Ysabel.

After the intensive spinal surgery that her father Kody Brown refused to perform on her, Ysabel received almost nothing but sympathy from her family members. From Ysabel’s new and improved height to Robyn’s sharp disdain for the competitive nature of Brown’s children, here’s why “Sister Wives” fans are baffled by Robyn’s pettiness.

Sister Wives: Robyn Is Regularly Criticized By Sister Wives Fans.

Robyn Brown has historically been the most unpopular member of the Brown family due to her complicated relationship with Kody Brown. It is no secret that Kody Brown prefers Robyn to his first three clergy wives, as the patriarch spends most of his time with his only legal wife, Robyn.

Kody Brown has also been called out for bending his own rules when it comes to Robyn, such as when he was quarantined from his other wives and children during COVID, but hired a nanny to go in and out of Robyn Brown’s house. In addition, fans claim that Robyn is manipulative and controlling. Some viewers believe that Robyn is behind Kody Brown’s strict COVID guidelines to ensure that he gets as much time as possible with his multiple heads of family.

One of the most controversial decisions Robyn Brown made, in her own opinion, was Kody’s choice to stay in Arizona while Ysabel had spinal surgery. Ysabel has struggled with scoliosis for several years, and the Brown family has tried every alternative to surgery to fix the reality star’s back. Unfortunately, Ysabel’s spine would not stop curving and she suffered daily pain from a broken back.

Eventually, Christine came to the conclusion that Ysabel needed an operation, but Kody wasn’t so enthusiastic about treating her daughter. Not only did Kody want to postpone the surgery for months, but she was reluctant to take Ysabel to New Jersey for surgery because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Kody even suggested that Christine stay and let Ysabel survive the intensive surgery alone. Fans think that Robyn might have wished that Kody would have stayed home instead of going with Ysabel and risking COVID infection.

After years of painful curvature in her spine, Sister Wives fans believe that Ysabel’s successful surgery received seemingly unwarranted criticism from Robyn. Pointing out how much she dislikes the Brown children’s habit of comparing their heights after Ysabel just outgrew Kody, viewers think Robyn was reproaching Christine’s daughter.

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