Sister Wives: What Is Going On With Sister Wives Coyote Pass Property?

Sister Wives: What Is Going On With Sister Wives Coyote Pass Property?

Kody Brown from Sister Wives was once very excited about the Coyote Pass land the family bought in Arizona, and now it’s time to share details about the property. The Browns bought the land over two years ago and haven’t made any big moves yet. Fans just watched them measure out five plots of land, but what are the real details of the property?

Sister Wives: What Is Going On With Sister Wives Coyote Pass Property?

Kody Brown has continued to bring together his large extended family. The patriarch’s plan to unite the whole family on their Coyote Pass land is beginning to look like another failure as no one can agree on who gets the pond.

Kody Brown’s dream was to live on his own land where his wives could live with him in one giant house or live in five different houses. As the years go by, fans are beginning to think Kody may regret his big purchase. He might even consider giving up his dreams.

As most Sister Wives fans know, the Browns bought a large plot of land in Flagstaff, Arizona, to settle on. As of 2021, two of the four women are renting, while the other two, including Christine Brown, have bought homes. The homes are not quite next door to each other, and the women have realised they like their own separate spaces.

In the meantime, Kody Brown often finds herself exhausted from travelling. Together, the Browns spent $820,000 on land. However, ownership of the land does not seem to be evenly divided between family members. There are two smaller parcels and two larger parcels. Kody Brown is part owner of all four properties. In the last episode, TLC viewers learned that the land has now been divided into five parcels so that Kody can also build her own home.

To date, the cast of Sister Wives has not yet broken through. Fans recently saw the installation of a water tank that allows all houses to have running water. Coyote Pass is still barren as there are no houses. With Christine out of the picture, a bigger question has arisen. Will Kody’s third wife sell her plot or will the family have to buy it out? Kody still seems a long way from building his dream home and fans are beginning to seriously question his intentions.

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