Sister Wives: Why Fans Are Mad At Kody Brown’s Decision

Sister Wives: Why Fans Are Mad At Kody Brown’s Decision

Viewers of Sister Wives were extremely angry when Kody Brown refused to take part in his daughter Ysabel Brown’s operation, especially when things didn’t go quite right. We found out why fans are furious about his decision. The TLC star’s relationships with several women, including Robyn – his legal wife – Mer and Janelle, have been followed for years, detailing their lives as a polygamous family.

He has 18 children from four relationships, which dwindled to three when Christine divorced him. One of those children is his daughter Ysabel Brown, who has undergone a rather intense journey with back surgery.

When she went to the hospital for the procedure, her father Kody Brown decided not to go. And fans are not happy about it.

Ysabel Brown has scoliosis, which is a lateral curvature of the spine that usually occurs during growth spurts just before puberty. She was diagnosed with the condition in 2017, which was caught out in a series. Ysabel Brown has been seen wearing braces that put pressure on her back.

Recently, his father Kody Brown was seen suggesting that he drive himself to have scoliosis surgery, for which fans gave him backlash. Ysabel has been sharing pictures on Instagram after the surgery, so it looks like the procedure went well!

She underwent a major 12-hour back surgery in October 2020, after her mother Christine launched a $50,000 campaign for the procedure. As reported by The Sun, she was seen shopping and looking healthy herself three months after the surgery.

Sister Wives: Why Fans Are Mad At Kody Brown’s Decision

Kody Brown explained why he didn’t go with Ysabel to the hospital, Covid-19 restrictions. It’s not just Sister Wives fans who are angry, Ysabel Brown is too. She was “frustrated” in her father for not being by her side during the procedure. Most viewers, however, feel that Kody should have had a Covid test before going and think it would have been right to put supporting his daughter ahead of his fears.

Her daughter Ysabel revealed that she was “nervous” before the procedure, before Christine told the camera that their daughter really did lean on her when she was in pain. Kody Brown’s decision also confused fans when it was revealed that the nanny has been looking after her and Robyn’s children despite her fears of a pandemic.

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