I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings Has Agenda for Weight Loss?

I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings Has Agenda for Weight Loss?

Fans of I Am Jazz know that Jazz Jennings began her journey of transitioning from male to female very young. Now, she struggles with her weight. Tired of trying to lose weight, she said she wants to get off the “weight loss train.”

In 2021, the TLC star turned 21. So she’s no longer a little girl. She still lives at home now, but is looking forward to going to college. Recall that she postponed things for a year after her butt surgery.

Well, now she’s heading off to college much bigger than she was. In fact, she gained over 100 pounds. And the new season shows that she fails miserably when she tries to diet properly.

I Am Jazz reveals that nowadays her grandmother Jacky seems more sympathetic to how her granddaughter is feeling. In addition, rumours began to spread that things were getting quite toxic at home. In fact, fans heard in a teaser for this week’s show that Jazz Jennings said the family criticised her weight. Because he’s constantly failing, he told his mom and dad that he’s tired of trying to reach a goal that keeps slipping.

I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings Has Agenda for Weight Loss?

Jazz Jennings now wants to postpone trying the diet until she goes to college. In addition, she hopes to do more than just diet and change her entire lifestyle. While Jazz thinks college might be a better time to lose weight, fans know that young people often have a hard time adjusting to college. It can even make her eat more junk food. In fact, he reasons, it succeeds if he makes decisions for himself. Jenning is tired of doing things that other people want.

I Am Jazz fans discussed the scene in the teaser on Instagram. Some people speculated that Jazz offered too many changes to their lives too quickly. Some thought he started his journey too young: not horribly, but because they cared about his mental health.

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