Are Jazz Jennings’s Parents On ‘I Am Jazz’ Getting Divorced?

Are Jazz Jennings's Parents On 'I Am Jazz' Getting Divorced?

Now that I Am Jazz has become a TLC reality series to watch, more people than ever are interested in Jazz Jennings and his many family members. This includes, of course, his parents, who have come under the public spotlight.

He even asked his mother when an elf would fly into his life and change his gender from boy to girl. Her unique perspective on life, friendships, dating, school and everything else helps transgender viewers going through the same thing realise that they are not really alone. The show documents so many exciting and challenging moments in Jazz Jennings’s life, including her relationship with her parents. Is it true that his parents are getting divorced?

Are Jazz Jennings’s Parents On ‘I Am Jazz’ Getting Divorced?

They were catapulted to superstardom when Jazz Jennings was just 6 years old, when they became the stars of such a popular TLC show. Jazz is obviously the centre of attention on the show, but her siblings, grandparents and parents have always received a lot of attention too.

Based on how season 7 of I Am Jazz is going so far, it looks like Jeanette and Greg are still getting along just fine. They haven’t made any public announcements about the divorce, and in August 2021, Jazz posted a congratulatory post on Instagram for their anniversary. According to their broadcast and social media, the marriage is still intact.

Jeanette and Greg Jennings used aliases to protect their identities when they started filming the show. Instead, they used the names Renee and Scott to maintain their privacy. Today, they are using their real first names again, while continuing to keep their surnames secret. Greg apparently gets a check to take home from appearing on the TLC reality series, but he has other commitments that keep him busy.

He says in one episode of the show that he’s “going back to work,” but his actual job title has yet to be revealed. He is likely to keep his profession a secret, just as he kept his first name a secret for years.

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