Has Jazz Jennings On I Am Jazz Gained Weight?

Has Jazz Jennings On I Am Jazz Gained Weight?

Jazz Jennings took the world by storm when TLC announced that she would be starring in her own reality show about the life of a young transgender girl. Although it was a controversial choice for the network at the time, I Am Jazz went on to become one of TLC’s most successful programs.

However, something few people know about the Jennings family is how many secrets they hid beneath the surface. Besides becoming an inspiring activist for the LGBT community, what else did Jazz Jennings do?

The star of I Am Jazz has been one of the most prominent LGBTQ figures since she was young. Even before her show debuted, she was in the spotlight for one very shocking reason. Since the age of six, Jazz and her family have appeared on many television shows to raise awareness for transgender youth and work to reduce the stigma. Her parents decided to share her story when she was still very young.

As a result, she appeared on many national news and talk shows talking about her being transgender. However, things were not as positive as they seemed. Here’s the sad truth about Jazz Jennings’ weight gain.

Since the LGBT rights activist is constantly receiving horrible threats from hateful internet trolls, it’s no surprise that her family chooses not to live in plain sight. In addition to hiding their real last name from the public, they also hide where they live.

Staying hidden also protects Jazz from those who wish to harm her for simply being herself. Fans have also seen Jazz navigate dating and relationships, and were proud of her for being accepted to Harvard. But this is where things took a tragic turn.

After fulfilling her dream of getting into Harvard, Jazz experienced serious mental health issues that led to a long hiatus from the popular TLC show. He started eating binge to cope with his mental health issues and ended up gaining about 30 pounds. The current season of I Am Jazz takes viewers along the journey as Jazz struggles with his weight and physical appearance.

Has Jazz Jennings On I Am Jazz Gained Weight?

The Jennings family has been notoriously accepting of their daughter and sister, but this season seems different for many fans. Instead of embracing Jazz Jennings and talking about it, family members seem less accepting of her weight gain. Jazz has used food as a tool to deal with her mental health issues.

However, her family has brought her down by making her fat. She said she feels humiliated, and this season’s trailers show a different Jazz Jennings than what fans are used to.

Some users agree that Jazz’s normal personality has been overtaken by someone who looks uncomfortable in her own skin. This change could be due to the constant criticism from her family. This season shows them ordering her to eat differently and exercise. This complex problem is often made worse by body shaming and constant criticism.

Seeing her once supportive family staring at her while she eats and arguing about food shed light on the family dynamic. Jazz Jennings’s mother pressures her to move on instead of talking about how she feels and guiding her.

During this season, Jazz Jennings is trying to adjust to her new body. The trailers show Jazz playing sports with her friends and asking them to go easy on her because she’s out of shape. But the season isn’t entirely about Jazz transforming her mind and body. While Jazz didn’t go into detail about her specific mental health issues, many fans have speculated that she may crack under the pressure of living out her teenage years on TV.

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