I Am Jazz: Why The TLC Star Delayed Harvard

I Am Jazz Why The TLC Star Delayed Harvard

Jazz Jennings’ life as one of the youngest publicly documented transgender people is broadcast every Tuesday on TLC. Now, fans are wondering if she attended the prestigious university known as Harvard. While she focuses on trying to exercise more and eat healthy after a weight gain mid-season, viewers have another thing on their minds…. and that’s her education.

Although the star himself has not confirmed it, it is rumoured that Jazz Jennings started studying at Harvard University earlier this year. She was initially accepted there, as well as Pomona College. Hints such as her Harvard lantern have been seen in a picture with her mother, and confirmed that he is still in school in a TikTok video, hinting that he has now returned to education.

The TLC star chose Harvard University as her freshman class in 2019, but decided at the last minute to postpone starting there. Her parents made it clear to Jazz Jennings that they would rather see him at Harvard than travel to California.

Because of Covid’s rise, Harvard University has instructed students not to return to campus for the next three weeks. They will be studying at a distance during that time, so it looks like Jazz Jennings may still be living at home.

I Am Jazz Why The TLC Star Delayed Harvard

Jazz Jennings delayed enrolling at Harvard University because she felt she was not ready and would take a year off. She had come to the conclusion that she wanted to “refocus and recenter.”

Jazz Jennings then shared on Instagram in February 2020 that she was ready to go to Harvard, but the Covid-19 pandemic meant her studies there were further delayed.

Season seven reveals that the reality star is excited to start her college life at Harvard, but is also worried about taking on so much along with her considerable weight gain.

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