Is Sister Wives Coming Back Season 18?

Is Sister Wives Coming Back Season 18?

Sister Wives fans are bowing down to Janelle Brown after last night’s dramatic season finale. Luckily, this season finale wasn’t the last new episode, as fans are also promised a 3-part Tell-All. As previously, fans are eagerly awaiting Tell-All. However, they don’t have very high hopes as the same presenter will return.

Sister Wives fans cheered and cheered when TLC showed a preview of the three-part Tell-All. The teaser showed Janelle Brown confirming that she and Kody Brown are no longer together. “Separated” was the word Janelle used to describe her current relationship with Kody.

Now, this news didn’t really come as a shock to fans, as rumors had been circulating for months that Janelle’s Instagram screams that she is an unmarried woman. Fans also believed that Janelle was simply spending too much time with Christine to still be in a relationship with Kody Brown.

While fans weren’t really surprised, they were excited for Janelle Brown. The last few episodes of “Sister Wives” had been painfully hard to watch because Kody Brown treated his beautiful wife horribly. Fans cringed because they knew Janelle had always been Kody’s ride-or-die case. Janelle was the only wife who fully supported the idea of one house. And Kody still didn’t hesitate when she shit all over him.

Is Sister Wives Coming Back Season 18?

Since Janelle has confirmed that Kody is leaving, Sister Wives fans will assume that this means a second season of the series is guaranteed. Fans are making this assumption because the next season may focus on how Janelle announces her decision to leave the family as well and how everyone copes with it. Was her departure as explosive as Christine’s? Fans will be hoping to find out.

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