Life After Lockup: Amber Eggers Playing Puppy?

Life After Lockup: Amber Eggers Playing Puppy?

Life After Lockup couple Amber Eggers and Puppy have their storyline to play out in the current WEtv episodes. Fans are wondering if they are still together?

Amber Eggers and Puppy have known each other for a long time in Life After Lockup. They were in prison together. And after all they went through behind bars, the bond they have is for life. Yet, now that Puppy is back outside in the current episodes, she wants more than that from Amber. Puppy said in the episodes of Life After Lockup that the love she has for Amber is the real deal. But for the most part, she feels Amber is not reciprocating. Puppy wonders if Amber was only “gay for the stay” when she was behind bars. And she worries that she will be heartbroken as the season progresses.

Life After Lockup: Amber Eggers Playing Puppy?

In Amber Eggers’ first season of Love After Lockup, she had Vincent Gonzalez on the hook. She made him pay for a lot of things while she was just getting out of prison. But even when they did things, like share their first kiss, she said it was “uncomfortable.”

It was later revealed that the convicts had devised a plan to take advantage of Vince and play him for financial gain. But based on the latest Life After Lockup episodes, it seems that Puppy is the one being played this time – especially since Amber seems to have hooked up with another man.

To further complicate matters, Amber and Puppy were intimate during Life After Lockup after a drunken night of partying. And even though Puppy wants to be with her, Amber still hasn’t told her about the ex she’s talking to. So that sets the tone for a lot of drama as the rest of the season of the spin-off continues.

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