Life After Lockup: Kristianna Roth’s Sister Makes a Move?

Life After Lockup: Kristianna Roth’s Sister Makes a Move?

On Love After Lockup, the eager Terra sits on John Miller’s lap and goes for a kiss. He shifts at the last minute and takes Terra out. John Miller says he’s lonely now that Kristianna Roth is gone. He asks Terra what they are going to do about it and sounds flirty.

John Miller turns Terra down. Then, on Love After Lockup, she tells John that he doesn’t even know her sister yet. Terra then tries to convince John that she knows him much better. John understands but says he will remain faithful to his wife, Kristianna. Referring to his religious beliefs, his marriage would be void if he cheated. He even explains what the Indian ceremony means to him.

This is not the first time Terra has been caught on camera chasing John Miller. Viewers of Love After Lockup wonder what Kristianna’s reaction will be when she gets back home. Will she go after sister Terra? Or will John be able to convince her that he remained faithful to her while she was away? And even if he does, it seems that Kristianna won’t appreciate her sister trying to hit on her husband.

Life After Lockup: Kristianna Roth’s Sister Makes a Move?

When John Miller met Kristianna, it was seemingly a package deal. In addition to Kristianna moving into his home, he also took in her mother and sister. And even after Kristianna turned herself in and went back to prison, they maintained the same living situation.

Meanwhile, John Miller and Terra have become friendly in recent weeks. And it’s clear that Terra wants to be more than just John’s sister-in-law. John said in recent episodes that Terra has taken on more of a “partner role” since her sister was behind bars. John added that she does a lot in the house. But even Kristianna’s mother thinks something strange is going on between them.

Based on the latest Life After Lockup leaks, John has been seen with Kristianna in Las Vegas. And she also has a baby on the way. So, that’s a strong indicator of where their relationship is right now. There’s still a lot of drama ahead in this situation that’s playing out in the current episodes.

WEtv has a history of staging love triangles. They first did it with Michael Simmons, Sarah Simmons, and Megan Nash. Then the network did it again with Lacey Whitlow, Shane Whitlow, and John Slater. Meanwhile, based on the latest Life After Lockup teasers, it looks like they’re going for it again with Kristianna, Terra, and John Miller.

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