Life After Lockup: Shane Whitlow Wants Lacey’s Ex John Gone

Life After Lockup: Shane Whitlow Wants Lacey’s Ex John Gone

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal that Shane Whitlow is furious at the idea of his wife Lacey seeing his former John Slater. Since Shane got out of prison, John Slater has been a big problem in his relationship with Lacey. Shane wants Lacey to forget about her ex. But, she and John have a long history together. So, it’s hard for her not to worry about his well-being.

Life After Lockup: Shane Whitlow Wants Lacey’s Ex John Gone

Shane Whitlow wasn’t the only man his wife Love After Lockup’s Lacey talked to while he was behind bars. Lacey also talked to her boyfriend, John Slater. John proposed to Lacey before he went to prison. But Lacey fell in love with Shane, even though she never spent any time together in the free world.

Eventually, Life After Lockup ex-con Shane found out about John Slater, the boyfriend. Shane made her realize that if they got married, John wouldn’t be a part of their lives. Lacey apparently cut her ties with her ex-boyfriend. But it didn’t last long. Since John Slater is still in her mind.

Life After Lockup: Lacey Worries About John’s Well-Being

As you can see in Life After Lockup, Lacey and her husband Shane started their lives as newlyweds moving into a new home. A new place to call home seemed like a new beginning for the couple.

But for Lacey, the old problems began to creep back into her life. She got a strange message from John Slater telling her she was in pain. When she got no response from him, she started to worry. She was afraid he might go back to his old ways.

Life After Lockup spoilers show Lacey in her car driving somewhere. Maybe she’s on her way to see John Slater. Since she’s so concerned about his well-being. Even though she knows her husband Shane Whitlow would be upset if she met her ex-boyfriend. Especially since she’s probably doing all this behind your husband’s back.

Written by Ashley Bennett

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