‘Life After Lockup’: Angela found evidence of Tony’s illicit behavior on his phone

'Life After Lockup': Angela found evidence of Tony’s illicit behavior on his phone

Angela and Tony are back on Season 2 of WEtv’s Life After Lockup, and the tumultuous couple were as rocky as ever on the season premiere.

Angela Ables, a 47-year-old certified mental health therapist from the Mississippi, has always struggled with problems from 34-year-old Tony, a former inmate who now works as a clerk of the desk hotel

On Love After Lockup, Angela admitted to having a thing for incarcerated and former incarcerated men, but her tendencies have not made her love life easy. Tony has a self-proclaimed “women’s addiction,” and he has cheated on Angela before.

Angela has also emptied most of her bank account by taking care of Tony and allowing him to move in with her after his release from prison for illegal possession of a firearm. On the John. 2 Life After Lockup Season 2 premiere, Angela and Tony have officially broken things off (at least for now). Why? Angela’s sniffing expedition to Tony’s phone yielded even more convictive evidence than she expected.

'Life After Lockup': Angela found evidence of Tony’s illicit behavior on his phone

Angela found evidence of Tony’s illicit behavior on his phone

After secretly digging through her younger husband’s phone, Angela told Life After Lockup producers she had found more than she had negotiated for. It seems Tony’s hotel clerk job came with more than a few extra benefits.

According to explicit reports Angela found, Tony regularly gave a number of women free hotel rooms, probably in exchange for s*x. She believed they were running their business, which she said was probably “either drugs or prostitution”, in the hotel rooms.

Angela was furious and said she intended to burn his things in a bonfire and leave him once and for all. “So when Tony gets home, all those emotions are coming at him,” said the Life After Lockup star.

She called him out and broke things on with him on the ‘Life After Lockup’ premiere

Tony came home as happy as a (very unsuspecting) mussel after work. “Where’s my hug and kiss?” he asked a clearly angry Angela Ables. She snarled back, “We’ve got some things we need to talk about, dude.

The Life After Lockup star explained it all to Tony. “We’re done, Tony. Engagement is over. We’re not getting married. This relationship is over.” Stunned, Tony asked her what was going on, to which Angela simply replied, “I was on your phone last night.” Guilt was written all over Tony’s face when he moaned, “Oh, no.”

“You tampered with some prostitutes in this hotel!” Angela screamed, adding she felt betrayed after “all love,” support, and money she’d given him over the years.

“I’ve decided that the best thing you can do is get the hell out of here,” she said, and demanded that he leave immediately.

The parolee denied the accusations but packed up his things 

Despite the rock-solid evidence of infidelity against him, Tony tried to preserve his innocence. He told his fiancée that it was all just “flirting” and that he “had never touched anyone.”

“I can’t go anywhere!” exclaimed the Life After Lockup star and said she left him in an impossible place. But Angela called his bluff, called one of his recent connections and asked her to pick him up. “He’s coming your way,” she said to the shocked woman.

“She’s expecting you,” Angela announced that she told Tony to take his bike (which she bought by the way!) and leave.

But Tony had more than an incentive to stay where he was. “Legally, Angela’s house is my parole address, and I have to live here,” Tony said desperately. But Angela didn’t have it, and sent him in his not-so-merry way with his stuff in garbage bags.

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