Life After Lockup: Are Shane Whitlow and Lacey Whitlow Still Together?

Life After Lockup: Are Shane Whitlow and Lacey Whitlow Still Together?

Shane Whitlow and Lacey Whitlow are back for another season of Life After Lockup. This time, they’re dealing with a new baby and more trust issues.

The most recent episode of Love After Lockup ended with a lengthy sneak peek of what to expect when Life After returns. Shane Whitlow and Lacey Whitlow were the center of attention. It looks like it’s not all doom and gloom now that they have the family of their dreams.

Viewers should be used to their never-ending drama. After all, Shane was one of the two inmates Lacey was involved with when she was introduced on Love After Lockup. Initially, Lacey was dating John and had been before he was locked up.

Then, she fell in love with Shane. With Shane being released from prison first, she chose to pursue something serious with him. Her feelings for both men wavered, which led to them fighting over her.

Eventually, Lacey Whitlow married Shane. Unfortunately, marital bliss was short-lived. Shane cheated on Lacey so she tried to get revenge by going back to John. This ended quickly because John was sent back to prison.

Eventually, she and Shane found their way back together. They decided to try IVF to conceive. It was a difficult road but, last November, they announced that they were expecting a baby.

The new season of Life After Lockup is interesting in that it reunites Lacey with her former cam girl co-star, Nicolle Bradley. Nicolle is currently involved in her love triangle with Daonte and Tia. This will spill over into the new season of Life After Lockup.

It’s unknown if she and Lacey Whitlow will reconnect. What is clear is that Lacey doesn’t trust Shane since she had the baby. She makes it clear that she doesn’t feel intimately wanted by her husband at all.

Finally, the couple plans a day at the beach with her friends. She begins venting to her friends about how often she and Shane were intimate. Now, he doesn’t even touch her. Lacey’s friends immediately ask her if she has looked through her phone. She says no because she trusts Shane. They are more than willing to do that for her. She seems to find something suspicious during her search. You can tell she seems very unhappy with her husband.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

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