Life After Lockup: Inside Lacey Whitlow’s Love Triangle

Life After Lockup: Inside Lacey Whitlow’s Love Triangle

Life After Lockup has been luring viewers with its unexpected real-life twists and turns. And now, in the latest “never saw THAT coming” surprise, a polygraph test represents a turning point in Lacey Whitlow and Shane Whitlow’s relationship.

For husband and wife Lacey Whitlow and Shane Whitlow, married life brings challenges in trusting each other. And a new clip via Screen Rant shows Lacey struggling even more to make their marriage work.

Even enjoying their daughter doesn’t seem to be enough for Shane Whitlow’s wife. As a result, Lacey decides to get her husband to admit his alleged cheating with a polygraph test.

Life After Lockup: Inside Lacey Whitlow’s Love Triangle

But while Lacey Whitlow seems to enjoy playing the martyr by berating Shane for her belief that he cheated on her, she doesn’t always play fair. For example, Lacey failed to tell the truth about her communication with her ex, John Slater.

And Lacey Whitlow also dated both Shane and John at the same time, prior to their release from prison! But Lacey seems to feel unable to find fault with herself for that love triangle.

Instead, she focused on Shane’s earlier confession of cheating on her. When Shane originally confessed to cheating on Lacey Whitlow, she went back to John. But like a boomerang, Lacey went back to Shane.

As for whether Lacey can avoid her cheating scandal, some think she feels she wants to cling to John like a security blanket. When things go wrong, Lacey can turn to John for comfort.

This raises the question of how John feels. Previously, he insisted that he didn’t want to be in a relationship with her anymore. But spoilers indicate that John may not let Lacey go. And Shane doesn’t seem fully aware of how involved John and Lacey still are!

Written by Meghan Mentell

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