Life After Lockup Star Monique Robinson is Engaged – Will It Last?

Life After Lockup Star Monique Robinson is Engaged – Will It Last?

Monique Robinson and Derek Warner had a tumultuous journey on WEtv’s Life After Lockup. Despite all the ups and downs, the season finale ended on a high note with the couple’s engagement. However, some viewers doubt whether their relationship will last.

Life After Lockup: A Rocky Start

Derek Warner was released from prison, and Monique Robinson stood by him. But things quickly turned chaotic. They faced issues with their families, and things even turned violent at one point. Monique’s trust issues with Derek were evident from the start. She installed surveillance cameras and tracked his phone, suspecting he was cheating on her. Her suspicions were proven correct when he admitted to sleeping with several women after his release.

Life After Lockup: The Proposal

Derek knew he had a lot of making up to do, so he flew to Chicago with an engagement ring. However, Monique was not ready to forgive him, and she kicked him out of her house. But when he proposed, she couldn’t resist. They are now living in Cleveland, Ohio, and plan to have a small, intimate summer wedding.

Life After Lockup: Plans for the Future

Monique is excited about their future together. She wants to have a baby soon and undergo weight loss surgery. Derek’s early parole release is also on the horizon, and they plan to move to Atlanta or Houston. Monique is confident that their relationship will last and has access to all his accounts to prove he can be trusted.

Life After Lockup: Doubts about the Relationship

Despite Monique’s optimism, some viewers are skeptical about their future together. Derek’s history of cheating and deceit has left a bad taste in their mouths. Some viewers question whether he has multiple social media accounts that Monique doesn’t know about.

In conclusion, Monique Robinson and Derek Warner’s relationship has been anything but smooth sailing. They’ve faced challenges and setbacks, but their engagement has given them hope for the future. While some viewers doubt their relationship will last, Monique is optimistic and excited about their plans together. Only time will tell if their love can withstand the test of time.

Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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