Life After Lockup: Daonte Sierra Moves on After Heartbreak

Life After Lockup: Daonte Moves on After Heartbreak

This season saw the return of “Life After Lockup” Daonte Sierra. However, she did not appear with Nicolle Bradley and his wife Tia. This time, she had found love with another series alumna, Lindsey Downs.

She had just been released from prison and was living in Mississippi. Daonte Sierra was ready and willing to head there and sweep her off her feet. He didn’t know that she was living with Blaine Bailey, who she used to run drugs with. They’re really close friends, so Daonte was sure he had nothing to worry about. Turns out that wasn’t entirely true. Read on for more information.

Blaine was right there when Lindsey Downs was released. He provided her with a place to live, got her a job interview, and even helped out in a big way so she could try to bail out her arrested friend.

At the same time, he also tried to ground her, telling her to focus on her daughter, her sobriety, and making sure she didn’t get into trouble. When Daonte Sierra finally saw Lindsey Downs in person for the first time, he was stunned to see that she was living with her husband. To him, the two of them could get together anytime.

Lindsey Downs stated that she would never go out with anyone who worked for her, it was a cardinal rule. Blaine knew this and said he wasn’t a housewife, but admitted to being in love with his good girlfriend. Now it seems they are finally out of the friend zone. Photos of them smiling and kissing have hit social media. No one seems to be very surprised, as fans wanted it all along.

Life After Lockup: Daonte Moves on After Heartbreak

Life After Lockup fans watched Daonte Sierra take her mother furniture shopping in the latest episode. She has decided to move to Mississippi and be with Lindsey. But she can’t stop calling Lindsey, which is a little suffocating for her as she tries to reconnect with her daughter.

Besides, Blaine hooked her up with a job, so she’s working now and trying to focus on herself. As it turned out in March, Lindsey and Daonte parted ways. She was seen kissing her ex, who can now be confirmed as Blaine, in her Instagram story.

Yet Daonte and Lindsey were still advertising together, as if they might have got back together. So what has Daonte been up to? According to Starcasm, he’s about to become a father. Various sources have reported that he allegedly met a woman from Miami online.

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