Life After Lockup Star Shawn Osborne Is Going To Be A Dad For The Seventh Time!

Life After Lockup Star Shawn Osborne Is Going To Be A Dad For The Seventh Time!

In the latest episode of Life After Lockup, Shawn Osborne proposed to his ex-con girlfriend Sara Isaac. All seemed well for the couple.

That is, until he finally told her the truth about his life and past. That put a stop to their romantic weekend and perhaps their entire relationship. However, it seems the betrayal only brought Shawn Osborne and Sara Isaac closer.

Sara Isaac is not Shawn’s first relationship with a prisoner. She also spoke to Destinie Folsom before she was picked up from prison. She had been in prison for two years and they got engaged after her release. It all fell apart when she found out he was just a trick and that she was being played. While he was stalking Destinie, he was also talking to Sara.

He had been in prison for six years for involuntary manslaughter. He haunted her when things were going well with Destinie, but resurfaced when they deteriorated.

This prompted Shawn Osborne to move to Ohio so he could be there when Sara Isaac was officially released. His goal was to start a new life with her, but he didn’t tell her the whole truth. Shawn failed to mention that he had six children, failed to mention Destinie and lied about his age.

He was angry that Sara didn’t tell him she had a baby, but let it slip anyway. She was shocked to find out that he was ten years older than she claimed, but let it go anyway.

However, she was shocked after they were intimate and the man shared that he had six children. In addition, he revealed his past with Destinie. Sara felt betrayed, as if it was something Shawn did for fun.

Life After Lockup Star Shawn Osborne Is Going To Be A Dad For The Seventh Time!

It seems that none of this matters and the couple have prevailed. In October, it was revealed that Shawn Osborne and Sara Isaac had already been married in August.

Now it seems they have taken another step. Rumours have been circulating, but a photo published on Reddit confirms that Sara is pregnant with the couple’s first child, according to Starcasm. There’s a pregnancy story on Life After Lockup this season, but the editors made it seem like it was aimed at Nicolle and Daonte. Now it seems it’s Sara’s test despite the couple being safe for their first intimate time. Sara is estimated to be about five months old. More may become clear as the season draws to a close.

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