Life After Lockup Star Kevin Hale Is Torn Between Two Women.

Life After Lockup Star Kevin Hale Is Torn Between Two Women.

Kayla is his long-time girlfriend. The two have had a passionate love affair and always seem to come back to each other. Then there’s Tiffany, his once-locked love. Kayla is insanely jealous of any girl who interferes with what she has with Kevin.

At the same time, Tiffany knows that he’s still playing with Kayla and can’t completely get rid of her. But are the two women really friends behind the scenes?

Life After Lockup Star Kevin Hale Is Torn Between Two Women.

When Tiffany found someone else’s underwear in Kevin’s drawer, she knew right away it wasn’t hers. She therefore assumed it was Kayla’s and left her home. As for Kayla, she can’t stand that Tiffany has entered her home and her heart.

Besides, he and his new lady are looking for a third to join their relationship. But according to Starcasm, Kevin’s hostile sweethearts may actually be friends. In TikTok, Kayla and Tiffany are seen cozying up together.

Kiki and Kibbitz’s YouTube channel had a screenshot of the video. Now Kayla seemed a little interested to find out. Tiffany. It’s even plausible that she’s running third in the Tiffany/Kevin romance to keep her nails on him. However, after the filming, both ladies have moved on from Kevin. They are in a happier relationship and it seems the girls are still together.

According to Amber, she shared Facebook photos of Tiffany’s boyfriend Thomas back in May. Both Tiffany and Kayla were in them, so it looks like they’re the ones having the last laugh. Whether they were actually friends before the show or if it bonded them is very much unknown. Luckily, something good came out of it.

On the Life After Lockup star’s Instagram page, she’s been busy promoting the show and spending time with her newly-twenty-year-old son. Another prominent theme for Kevin is that he’s been busy connecting with his locked friends and pen pals all along. He shares their photos and information in the hope that fans will reach out to write to them. How the rest of the season will go for him is anyone’s guess. It seems he didn’t leave much of an impression with either Kayla or Tiffany. It will be quite interesting to see how it all went.

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