Life After Lockup: Are Britney And Ray Still Together Today?

Life After Lockup: Are Britney And Ray Still Together Today?

The season finale of Life After Lockup was last Friday. So many questions remained unanswered. Yet it seems that some happy endings can already go sour. Britney and Ray were once one of the couples who seemed to be on good terms. He promised to marry her by the end of 2021. Sadly, however, it seems his fairytale has turned into a nightmare.

Ray seemed happy with Britney. He was more than supportive of his prison girlfriend, who he hadn’t really met after eight months. When it came time to get her out of jail, he had no idea it would be a family affair. Her grandmother, stepmother and father all came along. Luckily, she had made them all T-shirts to welcome Ray home.

He had to deliver to the unfinished house and then he came to live with Britney. His grandmother was very protective of him because he had a hard life. Ray’s mother had been killed when he was a little boy and he ended up in big trouble.

Even though Britney adopted him into her family, his mother was extremely reluctant to even get to know him. Despite all of this, Britney had two things on her mind: a wedding and a baby.

Ray went to work, but soon found he had over 100 000 kroons to pay back. It seemed that when his mother met him, he didn’t feel he was good enough. When they spun into Life After Lockup, the pressure continued on Britney. She didn’t trust him with her relatives and became angry when he gave her a promise ring instead of an engagement ring. Viewers felt Ray should run away from her, but it seemed he would stay. Now it looks like the honeymoon may be over…. literally.

Life After Lockup: Are Britney And Ray Still Together Today?

According to Starcasm, Ray has kept his promise that Britney will become a bride by the end of 2021. The couple said ‘I do’ on 14 November and filed the papers five days later. It took place at Margaritaville Lake Resort in Montgomery, Texas.

Pictures were shared on Britney’s Instagram account. Sadly, just over a month later, the marriage has seemingly taken a turn. Apparently Ray has been caught cheating on Britney. He went on a rant in his stories on Instagram over the weekend.

His phone was switched off, according to Britney, as he was living with her through text messages. Yet he went and managed to get another line. He also posted a photo of the woman he is allegedly cheating on her with, who is a slim girl with dark skin and blue hair. To add insult to injury, Ray may have added a photo of his masculinity to the text, so it’s out there. He has since turned off his Instagram account completely.

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