Little People, Big World: Jacob Reportedly Doesn’t Get Along With Audrey

Little People, Big World: Jacob Reportedly Doesn’t Get Along With Audrey

Those who kept track of the Little People, the Big World, know about Jacob Roloff’s controversial past. He decided to take a step back a few years ago, and since then he has publicly condemned reality TV. Not only that, but it seems he’s at odds with his brother, Jeremy, and Jeremy’s wife, Audrey, because of their ultra-Christian views.

Jacob Roloff and his wife, Isabel, traveled around in their van. Now they seem to be ready to settle down, because Isabel Roloff wrote all about her love for Bend, Oregon, where Audrey and Jeremy used to live.

Little People, Big World: Jacob Reportedly Doesn’t Get Along With Audrey

Jacob Roloff is largely regarded as the black sheep of the Roloff family. While Jeremy Roloff also chose to leave the show, Jacob went out with a bang because he condemned the production via Instagram. And he has also aggressively spoken out for the Black Lives Matter movement and against any of his family members in favor of Donald Trump.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff don’t get too political on social media. But they’ve let it be known that they’re quite conservative and very Christian, because they’re having an alliance marriage. This has certainly caused tension between the couple and Jacob in the past. And many reports suggest that Jacob and Audrey certainly don’t get along.

Recently Jacob Roloff even went to his Instagram Story to nullify Audrey Roloff’s attempt to support the Black Lives Matter movement. “These things are very, very bad,” Jacob said of the video that Audrey posted. “White people with wealthy cameras and wealthy families use black music, black messages, black faces, to spread police propaganda and white Christian voices while contributing nothing to the movement, no call to donation, no call to action; just empty gestures and fancy platitudes.”

Little People, Big World: Little People, Big World: Jacob Roloff Reportedly Doesn’t Get Along With Audrey Roloff

Jacob Roloff also seems to have a totally different lifestyle than Jeremy and Audrey. While Jacob and his wife enjoyed life on the road, Jeremy and Audrey have been firmly planted in Rock Creek, Oregon, for years. And before they settled in Rock Creek, the couple lived in Bend.

Early in their marriage, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff moved away from their home state and went to see what life would be like in Los Angeles. While they thought that life in a big city might be something for them, they soon realized that it wasn’t. They then moved to Bend, Oregon, but the couple’s first pregnancy with their daughter made them want to be closer to their family and friends. By 2017, they bought their 2,700-square-foot home for $465,000 in Rock Creek, according to the Daily Mail.

Now that Jeremy and Audrey are raising their two children in their Rock Creek home, they’re also incredibly close to the Roloff Farms. This means they can easily see Matt and Amy Roloff whenever they want.

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