Married at First Sight: Katie and Derek

Married at First Sight: Katie and Derek

Katie Conrad is a 25-year-old mental health professional from Virginia. The reality star grew up with divorced parents, and after years of struggling to meet the right man and make a lasting connection, Katie offered MAFS experts to help her find “the one. Derek Sherman, 26, is a cyber security engineer raised by his close family in Maryland. Although his parents are also divorced, Derek still believes in the institution of marriage and hopes to find his dream girl by the end of his MAFS experience.

Based on our first impressions of Katie and Derek at their wedding ceremony, we believe the two have a strong chance to make things work. The couple seemed genuinely interested in each other at the wedding reception and even stole a few kisses while dancing, and the two clicked well during their first private meeting. However, due to Katie’s ex texting shortly before the wedding, we believe the couple will have some ups and downs throughout the season, as Katie began to have doubts just before her wedding day.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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