RHOA: Todd Tucker and Mama Joyce have a complicated history

RHOA: Todd Tucker and Mama Joyce have a complicated history

Viewers saw Burruss’ Mama Joyce’s overprotectiveness reach extreme levels. Burruss was engaged to another man when she first joined the show, but the relationship ended. Burruss said her ex had got fed up with Mama Joyce’s interference.

Mama Joyce’s attitude towards Todd Tucker was no different. While Burruss said his mother was initially fond of Todd Tucker, things took a turn when they got engaged.

Mama Joyce accused Todd Tucker of living off Burruss and using him for personal and professional gain. She also claimed that Todd Tucker and Burruss’s friend were having an affair. Things became so intense that Burruss thought he was running away because he was afraid his mother would oppose their marriage.

Despite their mother’s opposition, Burruss and Todd Tucker tied the knot, with Mama Joyce’s reluctance to attend the wedding. They tried to tie the knot in Kandi’s spin-off series Bravo, Ski Trip. The relationship improved after Ace, Tucker and Burruss’ son, was born.

RHOA: Todd Tucker still feels disrespected by Mama Joyce

Tucker and Mama Joyce got along for several years before the old ways started again. During season 10, Mama Joyce was filmed telling RHOA star Porsha Williams Burruss that she “turned lemons into lemonade” in her marriage to Tucker.

Mama Joyce denied that she intended to dig Tucker, but the damage was done. Since the February 9 episode of RHOA, it seems that things have not improved between them.

In one scene, Burruss tells Tucker about a conversation she and her mother had about a living will. Mother Joyce informs Burruss that she will make Burruss’ eldest daughter, Riley, her beneficiary. Her reasoning was to make sure that the other grandchildren would take care of the other grandchildren.

Todd Tucker took Mama Joyce’s decision as an attack on her parenting. “He didn’t think I’d make sure Riley was all right,” he asked Burruss. “He basically didn’t want to leave it up to you…” confirmed Burruss. She also revealed that Mama Joyce didn’t want Burruss’s name on her property in case her daughter walked past her – so she wouldn’t have to deal with Todd Tucker directly.

Burruss explained that her mother’s decision was based on seeing Tucker and Burruss arguing over a prenup before their marriage. Even though Todd Tucker signed the prenup, both Mama Joyce and Burruss felt drawn into the decision. Mama Joyce took Tucker’s hesitation as a sign that she wanted Burruss’s money.

Burruss also opened this season on Tucker’s ever-expanding business. According to her, Todd Tucker is eager to earn more money to prove Mama Joyce wrong about her being with Burruss for his money.

“Todd has felt the pressure of his need to make more money since we got together,” she said in an earlier episode. “People have always questioned whether he was with me and if he was with me for money, so he’s always been in a position to try to prove to the world that he doesn’t need my money.”

Unfortunately, Burruss feels stuck in the middle of a battle between her mother and her husband again.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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