RHONY: Ramona tells Dorinda that she and Sonja need AA

RHONY: Ramona tells Dorinda that she and Sonja need AA

Although she enjoyed a few cocktails with the cast, Ramona Singer from The Real Housewives of New York City thinks she’s one of the few cast members who can control her drinking.

In the last episode, Dorinda Medley tries to summon Ramona Singer to dinner after putting Sonja Morgan to bed after one too many drinks. Luann de Lesseps and Leah McSweeney wait at the table as the tension increases. When Dorinda Medley finds Ramona Singer in a deckchair, Singer asks her if she is all right. Dorinda Medley shares that Sonja Morgan was a mess, but Singer returns saying to Medley that she was a mess too.

“No, I haven’t,” says Dorinda Medley. “You’ve been such a mess and I’ve helped you out. And I never called you.” Dorinda Medley says in a confessional that she tried to have a conversation with Singer, but instead Singer finds any chance to “harm her.” In a previous episode, the group discussed the concept of “schadenfreude,” which is when an individual takes pleasure in witnessing someone else’s grief or misfortune.

RHONY: Ramona tells Dorinda that she and Sonja need AA

Dorinda Medley gets frustrated with Ramona Singer and leaves. “You’re the one with the drinking problem, you and Sonja,” Singer tells Dorinda Medley with a smile on her face. “You should both go to AA [Alcoholics Anonymous].”

Dorinda Medley leaves, but then she’s seen in tears, telling McSweeney she’s hurt and Singer insists she has a drinking problem. Medley and some of the other cast members have been hard on Singer this season because of her egocentric behavior, which includes her ghost friend Elyse Slaine.

“There’s a difference between telling someone, ‘Hey, I’m worried about you,’ and then saying, ‘You have to go to AA,'” McSweeney says in a confessional. “Which is obviously a totally condescending and unpleasant thing to say to someone.”

Ramona Singer then doubles down on her claim that she only drinks water and is home by midnight. “I don’t know, I’m not babysitting you,” says de Lesseps with an air of doubt. “God, I can’t keep up with you.”

Even if de Lesseps tries to get Singer to stop attacking Medley for drinking, Singer won’t let it go. “I’m sorry, she has a drinking problem,” Singer exclaims. “So does Sonja, a problem.” And Leah, a problem too. And Leah, a problem too. That’s why I don’t even want to drink anymore.” At this point de Lesseps seems exhausted from the conversation. that Medley likes to play “holier than thou.”

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  1. They do have problems. Women their age exhibit sloppy drunkiness they black out and fall etc yep that’s problem drinking good for Romona

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