RHONY: Elyse Doesn’t Know Why Ramona Is Upset

RHONY: Elyse Doesn’t Know Why Ramona Is Upset

Elyse Slaine and Ramona Singer of The Real Housewives of New York City continue to compete on social media. The two Bravo stars disagreed after the fall of their friendship during the filming of the show. Slaine and Singer took blows against each other and the last of the former is sure to sting the latter.

RHONY: Elyse Doesn’t Know Why Ramona Is Upset

RHONY fans have been able to see the fall of Slaine’s friendship with Ramona Singer. Both had been friends off the field, but things slowly changed after Elyse Slaine was brought in as a “friend of” in season 12. Although Elyse Slaine remembers that she feels distant from Singer, there is never a clear answer as to what caused the split. Even Slaine said she doesn’t know exactly why Ramona Singer was different with her.

“Ramona and I had a mid-season fight,” Elyse Slaine told Heavy in July. We didn’t talk.” We have mutual friends who are trying to sit us down and make us talk”. I honestly don’t know what the fight was about”. Although I don’t know the exact reasons why Ramona Singer was cold to her, Elyse Slaine has an idea.

“I think she had second thoughts about having me on the show, but I never understood what the problem was, because I felt like she was always with me on the show, so I don’t know why she started having second thoughts,” Elyse Slaine added.

RHONY: Ramona Fires Back And Elyse Reacts

As fans, they take part in the conversation about social media and give their views on the RHONY drama. After it was confirmed that Elyse Slaine didn’t show up at the reunion, the viewers shifted the blame on Singer’s way. However, the entrepreneur shot back and said why she felt betrayed by Slaine. “She betrayed me,” Ramona Singer replied to a fan. “All she wanted was fame at my expense, not a friendship.”

When another fan said they’d seen a text exchange about how Ramona Singer was furious with Elyse Slaine in the show, the OG star wrote, “The truth will come out eventually, it always does.” Ramona Singer echoes those same feelings to the New York Post.

“Elyse used me for fame and she keeps doing that to get what she wants,” she said in the publication. “She was never really a friend, she just wanted to be in the show.”

When a blogger shared Singer’s comments about Slaine, the story shared on Instagram with the title, “Ramona Slams Elyse, “She Is Just a Fame Wh**.”

The story ended up in Slaine’s eyes. She shared the story with her Instagram account and added a shocking story. “Ummm… I’m not the one who sleeps with random men.” Slaine clapped back.

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