Sister Wives: Janelle and Christine Amp It Up

Sister Wives: Janelle and Christine Amp It Up

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and his co-wives offer too many clues that leave fans thinking this series is all about a paycheck today. Sister Wives fans see Kody and Meri Brown as being so far away from each other that it’s almost comical at times. That’s not to say that other Sister Wives enjoy blossoming romances with the man who spends an uncanny amount of time on her hair every day. The clues accumulate over time. Today, many fans think they are watching a married man with three ex-wives.

For a couple who boast of 30 years of marriage together, you have to wonder if they are talking. Just the simple question of “are you two still together?” seems to bother them. At best, fans get conflicting answers from Meri Brown and her shared Sister Wives hubby. Meri Brown claims she never left and is still part of the family. She announced to the world about a month ago that she loved this man and that she’s not going anywhere. She communicated this to fans as the start of the new season approached.

On the other hand, Kody Brown announced that he is no longer living with Meri Brown. It follows him saying that it has been like that for the past four or five years. His view of sex and romance – Kody believes that you preserve romance and sex for people in love.

This all sounds like code to fans that Kody no longer participates in his husbandly duties after dark. Or one side of Meri Brown’s bed is cold and has been for several years. Kody has also made it clear that he no longer wants to be intimate with Meri Brown.

Sister Wives: Janelle and Christine Amp It Up

Janelle is a fan favorite on Sister Wives, probably for good reason. She doesn’t seem to offer any bait or switch to attract fans. If she says it’s going to happen, then it usually happens just like she said it would. She was Kody’s friend even before they were married. So Janelle Brown’s relationship has pretty much remained the same from the beginning until now. Then there is the third woman who married Kody, Christine. It seems that Christine Brown doesn’t even talk to Kody or the other sister wives. Even the ladies contradict each other as if they are far from reality.

A recent case in point… Janelle Brown asked a question at their lunch explosion last week. She wanted to know what the Principle living in a plural marriage means to each of the spouses. For Janelle Brown, it included that a plural marriage allows you to work away from jealousy and live your life free of that emotion. But Christine Brown stepped in to say that she is still jealous of Kody with the other Sister Wives. So, it seems these two don’t talk about anything deeper than food recipes. This was quite a disconnect after living in a plural marriage for almost 30 years.

Christine Brown also wants nothing to do with living in a big house, as the other wives again have the thought. She likes living alone, suggesting to Sister Wives viewers that she has grown accustomed to being a single mom.

She also said that Kody’s visits interrupt the rhythm she has in the house. So it sounds like she’s not necessarily looking forward to his visits all the time.

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