Sister Wives: Kody Is A Felon In Utah

Sister Wives: Kody Is A Felon In Utah

The Sister Wives once called Utah their home, but now it’s no longer a place where their heart is. This Sunday, the show featured Kody, along with his wives taking a trip to visit another plural family, the Dargers. Joe Darger has three wives, Alina and real life sisters Valerie and Vicky. The family has been quite active politically for the cause of decriminalizing the concept of plural marriage in Utah.

In the recent episode, Kody Brown revealed how they were looking forward to meeting these friends, but how the visit to Utah led them to have extremely disturbing feelings. Why was the family so scared?

Recalling the moments when the Brown family first went public, Janelle Brown revealed that within days of the announcement, Utah police began investigating them because of their plural marriage.

Plural marriage is a felony in Utah, and is punishable by up to five years per charge. He revealed that in January 2011, the entire family was so scared that the police would come and arrest them, as reported by People. So, they left the state in the dark of night. Janelle said they felt like they had been exiled.

The Browns then came to Las Vegas and settled there. After some time, they sued the state of Utah. They won by one year. They were decriminalized and were no longer criminals. However, this relief was short-lived when the state of Utah appealed their lawsuit and won. This was overturned, and then the law was doubled and made the crime worse for polygamists in Utah.

Before leaving for the trip, Kody Brown and his wives debated whether they should all go together or just in separate cars? Anyway, they eventually all went together but had major concerns about going to Utah, the place they called home.

In a statement, Janelle says the biggest fear she has about going back to Utah is. What would happen if they got pulled over for a traffic violation? They would use it as an opportunity to add the criminal polygamy charge, because that’s how things usually work. They get you for something and then they keep adding it up. She keeps saying that she is always like, don’t talk Kody Brown, don’t talk Kody Brown. She called her fear stupid but also said it was real. Robyn Brown also revealed that she was afraid of the possible consequences. She says that if one can imagine, going to Utah is like going to a place where your family is illegal. She says they feel oppressed. That makes her worried.

Sister Wives: Kody Is A Felon In Utah

As the Dargers and Browns sat down together for an evening, both families had a great time. However, speaking to the camera, Christine Brown says polygamy is still a crime in Utah. They were sitting with their fellow criminals. They are the criminals, just like the Dargers. The police could come and arrest them all.

Janelle says that theoretically, Kody Brown is the criminal because he has a legal wife and three plural wives.

So, if he were sent to prison, he would be there for between nine and fifteen years. Probation involved not being able to see the children and not committing the same crime again. So basically, if he spent time with his children, he would be in a lot of trouble.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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