Sister Wives: Janelle Decided To See A Doctor

Sister Wives: Janelle Decided To See A Doctor

Janelle Brown is opening up about her experience with skin cancer. In a recent update, the Sister Wives star revealed that she was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma not too long ago. While Brown says her cancer wasn’t malignant and was removed, she did have a warning for her fans, urging people to get unusual growths checked out by a doctor.

In a March 7 Instagram post, Janelle – who is one of Kody Brown’s four wives – said some Sister Wives viewers contacted her to ask about a spot on her face that can be seen in recent episodes. “I am posting this picture hopefully for awareness,” she captioned an image showing herself with a bandage over her lip.

Janelle Brown, went on to explain that some time ago, she “started to see what looked like a scar develop in an area of my lip where all my cold sores over the past two decades have broken out.” The reality star thought it was just another cold sore. But the blemish never became a cold sore. Instead, it continued to increase in size over the course of about a year. Janelle tried home remedies to treat what he thought was a reaction to the “the years of trauma to that area of my face” for cold sores. But nothing worked.

Sister Wives: Janelle Decided To See A Doctor

Eventually, Janelle became concerned enough about the mark on her face to see a doctor. While her appointment was delayed due to the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19), she was eventually able to get it checked out. The TLC star found out she had a non-malignant form of skin cancer and that the growth needed to be removed. “I am happy to report that it was removed and all is well,” she wrote.

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