Sister Wives: Meri Is Unclear About Her Intentions

Sister Wives: Meri Is Unclear About Her Intentions

In another trailer for a new episode of Sister Wives, fans criticized Kody. In the clip, Meri Brown and Kody Brown were sitting together on the confessional couch. They were talking about Mariah moving back to Utah.

Fans noticed that Kody Brown seemed completely uninterested in what Meri Brown had to say. Some even accused the Brown family patriarch of hating the fact that his daughter is gay. One follower said, “Kody looks like he hates every word,” referring to his body language as Meri talked about their daughter, Mariah.

The clip focused on Kody Brown and Meri Brown’s daughter, Mariah and her close relationship with all of her siblings. Meri Brown mentioned that the main reason Mariah moved closer to family was because at Christmas time, Mariah missed seeing her siblings.

She emphasized that she especially missed seeing her younger siblings, Ariella, Solomon, and Truely grow up.

Meri Brown put the dots on Mariah for wanting to be close to her siblings even though she is busy pursuing her education and starting a life with her fiancée, Audrey.

Sister Wives: Meri Is Unclear About Her Intentions

Recently, Meri Brown indirectly defended Kody Brown on social media as well as his title of “first wife.”

Despite Kody Brown’s disparaging remarks that their relationship has “no value,” Meri told a reporter that she needs to “honor and respect that.”Kody Brown, on the other hand, hasn’t been afraid to say how he feels. He’s also taken Twitter shots at followers he feels have insulted him or his family.

In recent weeks, Kody Brown has called one follower a “Jackwagon,” called another follower an “armchair polygamist” for giving him unwarranted marriage advice, and arrogantly made remarks about having other children that caused his fourth wife Robyn to call him an “idiot.”

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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