Sister Wives: Who Is The Hostile Person Kody Brown Was Referring To?

Sister Wives: Who Is The Hostile Person Kody Brown Was Referring To?

Kody Brown has been busy again on Twitter this week responding to fans and recounting the latest episode of Sister Wives. Just a few days ago, Kody tweeted, “Not everyone in every meeting is hostile. Sad, but it only takes ONE hostile person to make things difficult for everyone. #SisterWives.”

The tweet was not a response to anyone in particular, but seemed to refer to Sunday night’s episode. It also didn’t clarify who the “hostile” person was that made things difficult for everyone else.

Sister Wives: Who Is The Hostile Person Kody Brown Was Referring To?

His cryptic tweet is leading some fans to believe he was talking about wife number three, Christine Brown, who recently expressed her disapproval of Kody Brown’s shower habits, among other issues.

Given the disconnect in the family this season, viewers wouldn’t be surprised if Kody was calling out one of his four wives this week on social media.

The outspoken patriarch hasn’t been shy about voicing his opinions lately. Fans of the show haven’t been shy with their responses either.

Kody Brown hasn’t shied away from defending himself or speaking his mind. He recently told a fan to “grow up” when he called him out for avoiding his issues with his wives and called another fan “Jackwagon.”

He also admitted to feeling “a bit cynical” after being “grumpy” online. At the beginning of this season of Sister Wives, fans saw Kody say that he no longer wanted to support plural marriage.

There are several key issues within the family that will likely be part of this season’s storyline. Kody and Meri Brown’s ongoing marital struggles have been a perennial subplot on the show. The delay in the construction of the family’s property in Coyote Pass is another ongoing issue that doesn’t seem to have a clear answer.

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