Sister Wives: Janelle Joined Meri In Therapy

Sister Wives: Janelle Joined Meri In Therapy

The Sister Wives spouses participate in many therapy sessions throughout the decade of the show. Not only with Kody, but sometimes also with fellow wives they participate in therapy as a duo. It’s about the same as the therapy of a couple when two of the ladies of The Sister Wives sit down for a session. They work on problems between the two, which in theory helps them to live their daily lives with more harmony.

It always seems to be the same therapist they see, Nancy Hunterton. The last time fans saw Nancy on screen, Kody Brown shouted about Meri Brown’s shortcomings. He also claimed that she had lured him into marriage, along with even merciless things.

But that wasn’t the first time Meri heard rather derogatory words from one of Sister Wives’ adults. No, a few years earlier she also heard Janelle’s thoughts loud and clear.

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Sister Wives: Janelle Joined Meri In Therapy

Veteran Sister Wives lovers remember the tension between the first and second wife of Kody. Even before the TLC show was thought of, Janelle Brown moved out of the house because of Meri Brown. Janelle told the story of how terrible it was to live with Meri during their early days. She wrote about this difficult time a few years ago.

The therapist then seemed to offer an uncomfortable solution to Janelle. Meri also seemed to tremble at the thought of it. The therapist suggested that the two of them, Janelle and Meri, would go camping.

From that scene alone, after rejecting camping as an option, it is easy to see that there is still a problem between the two. This happened a few years ago. But normally you don’t see these two women with much on-screen interaction in recent seasons.

So, if the newer viewers of Sister Wives see that Meri feels left out, there may be a reason for that. Many of the fans shared their sympathy for Meri a few seasons ago when Maddie Brown Brush gave birth to her first child, Axel Brush. She missed this event, but no one bothered to invite her. Christine Brown didn’t turn things around when she told Meri that she was glad she wasn’t there. That’s because she brought too much stuff into the room, Sister Wives’ co-wife said.

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