Sister Wives: Kody Brown Possibly Led Family Into Failure?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Possibly Led Family Into Failure?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seemed to throw a bone to Kody Brown in a recent online post with a quote about the makings of a great man. The references in this inspiring quote seem to refer to a Sister Wives scene. A scene the fans witnessed during the season premiere.

Kody Brown appeared in the hot seat on the show, as he sat at the head of the Sister Wives table. It looked as if the wives held his hand to the fire regarding the move. They concentrated on the undesirable result so far since the landing in Flagstaff. The ladies turned out to be far from happy. So where’s Meri going with her last piece of Sister Wives intrigue?

Meri Brown posted a quote but it sounds more like a message. The Sister Wives matriarch quotes Theodore Roosevelt who describes how a man doesn’t have to succeed just to be considered someone great. That man can also be great, even if he is a failure, because he had the courage to try.

It is not known who Meri Brown had in mind when she shared this with her sister’s followers. But this post seems to reflect on a scene that took place at the premiere of Sister Wives’ new season’s Sunday night.

Kody Brown mentioned how he felt the blame coming from his wives over the move not going as he planned. Fans knew about the women of Sister Wives who had mentioned this to the camera.

Kody Brown almost looked defeated and from his explanation of their family finances you can see why. He said that the Sister Wives family is very close to financial ruin unless they could sell their homes in Vegas quickly.

This discussion seemed to push the Patriarch of the Sisters Women to throw the thought of failure into the mix. He explained that even if the Flagstaff movement is a failure, they will regroup and survive… together.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Possibly Led Family Into Failure?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Possibly Led Family Into Failure?

Kody Brown made concessions and plans in case this move possibly becomes a failure. But this caused a storm of comments online. People blame Kody for uprooting his family in order to possibly face financial ruin.

This Flagstaff move created unhappy wives, which fans witnessed in the season premiere. It also looks like there’s more to come before things get better for the Sister Wives.

As usual, Meri Brown didn’t mention who she had in mind when posting another one of what fans now call her cryptic messages.The quote by Theodore Roosevelt describes greatness that comes with both success and failure.

So did Meri Brown have Kody Brown in mind when sharing this? Especially because it seems to fit with what the premiere episode offered?

It sounds like Meri might see her shared-husband as the brave pioneer.She can also see the leader of the Sister Wives tribe as a man big even in failure, if only because he was brave enough to follow his dream.

Sister Wives: Different Song For Meri or TLC?

Meri Brown seemed to embark on a campaign of independence for months online. When the new Sister Wives season previews came out, it looked like Meri was close to severing ties with Kody Brown.

But now it looks like the tide has turned and maybe Meri has adopted a new motto – if you can’t beat them, join them. More than likely nothing has changed for Meri Brown. She probably went with the family the whole time. The culprit is probably TLC, with clips that are a bit out of context.

TLC highlighted clips that had Meri and Kody Brown in counseling. The couple looked doomed. They also showed Meri seemingly angry and left the family alone to move back to Vegas. But she wasn’t angry with the family. Although it did look that way in the previews.

Sister Wives: Did Smoke and Mirrors Amp Up Drama?

LC reported that Meri Brown’s neighbors drove her out of the home. Then the previews showed that Meri was talking about the neighbors who didn’t want her there.

But unlike in the preview clips, a uniform decision was made by all five of Sister Wives’ spouses. They decided that Meri would move and occupy her Vegas house until a new Flagstaff lease was found. She didn’t leave on a flight and will return to a new rental house in Flagstaff later in the season.

So did Meri change her tune on Kody Brown or did she stand by him all along? It could be that TLC presented clips with the smoke and mirrors of the montage that created the illusion that she was turning away from her shared husband.

Now that these scenes play out in their entire length, the outcome is almost the opposite at times from what was seen on the previews. The behavior also looks very different from what TLC seemed to suggest in those edited clips.

These tiny snippets of scenes looked enticing to the fans.They’ve brought the viewers back to the new season of Sister Wives. Without offering some kind of drama, the viewers wouldn’t be able to show up.

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  1. Why does Meri always get the wrong end of the stick if anything they stand by her after she gave up her legal marrige so Robyn kids could be Kodys legal children And Kody. got his dream but now it causing financial problems.

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