Sister Wives: Kody Brown Tweets “I Am So Sorry”

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Tweets “I Am So Sorry”

Sister Wives star Kody Brown broke his online silence to offer an apology for a scene in Sunday night’s new season premiere.The tweets from the patriarch of the Sister Wives family have been few and far between in recent months. But Kody Brown has made up for it with the many tweets about the new episode.

Kody Brown Tweets “I Am So Sorry”

So why is Kody Brown feeling sorry? Apparently, he realized trotting around in his underwear wasn’t a scene fans expected.He said both on the Sister Wives episode and in his tweet, that you can’t unravel this image.

In the two-hour Sister Wives premiere for season 14, Kody Brown takes the family to Coyote Pass. He’s a little desperate about their financial and life situation since moving to Flagstaff.

When they get to Coyote Pass nothing has changed since last season’s trip out to the site. While there is no sign of a future home on the land, something else attracts the attention of the sister-women’s husband.

Leading his Sister Wives tribe across the land, Kody Brown lit up when he hits the water. A pond formed from rainwater and Kody Brown cannot contain his excitement about this gift from Mother Nature. First he denies Gabriel Brown’s request to jump into the water while wearing his boxer shorts.

Sister Wives: Kody Wades In Cow Manure-Infested Water

But soon something changes in Kody’s mood and he, himself strips down to his underwear. He starts with a little modesty when Janelle brings him a blanket from her car. She helps the blanket to wrap her husband in underwear.

Kody decides to jump in what the wives describe as muddy, murky, and cow poo-infested water. But not before you scream that “this is all ours” while pointing at the water that looks more like chocolate milk.

Once he jumps in, he looks invigorated.Then some of the children, together with their father from Sister Wives, go for a dip in the Brown family water. Kody looks as if he feels so full of himself when he starts a series of Tarzan-like poses.

Papa Brown does this standing knee-deep in the water so the majority of his body is captured on camera. Apparently, the sight of him sniffing around in his underwear made him tweet that he was sorry.

Cover-Up for Kody Brown

It seems TLC exercised their liberties by blurring out Kody’s underwear in a few shots.But the fans get a crush on Papa Brown walking around in his skivvies. Modesty suddenly rushes back inside as he leaves the pond filled with cow dung.

That’s when Janelle meets him at the water’s edge to cover him up with the blanket once again. So Kody Brown apologizes to the Sister Wives fans. But that wasn’t enough for some viewers. Kody Brown in his underwear started a heated debate online.

Some saw Kody Brown wearing the same amount of clothing that a bathing suit would cover. They also saw nothing wrong with him swimming in his underwear. Others saw him in bad taste by the children.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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