Sister Wives: Kody Decision Leaves Christine In Massive Debt

Sister Wives: Kody Decision Leaves Christine In Massive Debt

Sister Wives star Kody explained how fear drove him to a bad decision, which he plans never to repeat. The outcome of Kody Brown’s medical/financial gamble years ago cost Christine a lot of money. It’s such a large amount of money that she may have to pay for it for the rest of her life. Today’s followers of Sister Wives know that Ysabel Brown will face scoliosis surgery within a week or two. This prompted Christine Brown to start a fundraiser a while back, which gave her some nonsense from the fans. Mainly because Kody wasn’t heard of this.

Sister Wives: Kody Decision Leaves Christine In Massive Debt

Kody Brown’sthird wife, Christine, pushed her clothing line, and told Sister Wives potential buyers that every purchase goes to this operation for her daughter. Apparently, her health insurance covered some of the procedures, but Christine Brown had to pay $50,000 for the bill.

This brought back memories of a $450,000 bill that this Sister Wives’s mother left when Truely Brown fell ill years ago. Without a legal marriage, Christine’s bills are not necessarily Kody’s bills by law.

Also, putting all of Kody’s children on his insurance plan at work was a risky business before they came out as a polygamous family. When the Sister Wives family first graced the screen, they also told the world that Kody Brown’s family consists of three women.

When the series first came out, Robyn was still courting. But at the end of the first season, Kody Brown had four wives. Until the TLC reality series was broadcast, they kept their lifestyle as quiet as possible.

When fans heard about Christine Brown’s major debt they became furious. Kody took Robyn Brown as his fourth wife in 2010. She had been Kody Brown’s wife for four years when then three-year-old Truely fell ill. This left fans of the Sister Wives series wondering what was going on. Kody Brown divorced Meri Brown to legally marry Robyn Brown. He adopted her children to put them on his health plan. Yet 3-year-old Truely, his biological daughter, had no insurance. Again, Kody blamed the fear, but they were living in Vegas when his daughter fell ill.

Kody Brown claims he couldn’t put his entire ‘Sister Wives’ brood on this plan without drawing attention to his polygamous lifestyle. As the fans remember, they had to flee Utah for fear of persecution, because polygamy in that state was against the law at the time.

But they moved to Vegas in 2011. So, the fear factor decreased by that time. They then had a few seasons behind them and Vegas worked well for their lifestyle.

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  1. Kody Brown, You are a piece of scum! You wanted to keep your polygamous lifestyle “a secret ” so you don’t put your biological children on your health insurance! Disgusting.
    Because a Television Show is such a GREAT way to keep your lifestyle secret !!!!!!! IDIOT!

  2. Lock Kody Brown up for child abuse, child neglect. Living off of needy brain washer women. What the hell!!! I think he is guilty of being a con artist having women wait on him hand and foot, paying for his entire lifestyle and for all of his 18 children. Lock him up!!!!!!

  3. You don’t have to be married to someone to adopt kids. Look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. He’s trying to snow her by divorcing Mary and marrying the fourth , youngest. He has no respect for them!

  4. What the fudge does the ” man” of the 4 households do for a living? His wives, DO earn a paycheck, at least 3 out of the 4 of them do anyways…we don’t know about the online jewelry sales from RB, but the others are doing fabulous. How has the MAN stepped up to the plate to PROVIDE for his children AND his wives & his million dollar homes AND the property that has YET to be built on, Coyote Pass?? Sell it and pay off debt.

  5. Kody is such a vile, narcissistic loser. What in the world were these wives thinking hooking up with this moron… He makes the worst decisions and they just go along with everything. There’s nothing wrong with speaking up, and saying no to him. Soo annoying.

  6. Twisted. How dare they ask the public for help. Theyre adults and their TV fame should pay. He’s a NUT. Hope women see first hand what a hobosexual..i.e., Jody Brown, the CON, looks like. Run ladies when you see these goo goo eyed live sick broke a33 men approach. They live off the hard work of women.

  7. I can’t understand how you can call yourself a husband and you don’t take care of your kids financially. The three wives out of four work and support their families. He makes me sick riding around in a convertible two seater he can’t even deliver full day of packages if someone would j
    Hire him. Disgusting.

  8. What is wrong with these Women! Y give him the satisfaction of making himself try to look good. The family is on national TV. So casually speaking on being married to one stupid man! Where is there self respect for themselves. I feel that they really do not know how bad they look. What is it about Kody? I can’t see it. And now they have all these children. Which he knew that he cannot take care of 18 children!!!. When are these networks going to put real people on their network. With real issues and who really deserve to make extra money. To me All the adults are assholes. Stop making Kody look good while the women look bad. Us as women have it hard enough without a controlling idiot. Think for yourself. Because in the end I feel no-one really has empathy for commonsense throughts.

  9. This dude marries robyn then puts her kids on his insurance….WOW!!!! I never liked Robyn but I definitely don’t like her even more now…Meri ended up in that situation mainly because of them….Kody should’ve divorced Robyn remarried Meri once the kids were adopted….just weird ge out kids that aren’t his on his insurance but not hus own blood

  10. Kody is AN UGLY dog. He needs to go to jail. See how many wife’s he gets there. And Robyn is lazy and does not want to work. She has a large house on New Mexico. She does not need the space that Christine needs. The 3 wives need to run to the courts and file for child support.. They just have to do is go one Maury.

  11. Kody Brown situation is complicated. Legally, she is a single mom. Speak with social worker and get which ever plan they offer people that don’t have insurance. If that’s not possible then the income from the show. If none of that works pay $25 dollars a month. That can’t do anything to you. Even up they take you to court you can’t get Money from a single mom . Just get her care she needs. I’ve seen many woman that didnt have the surgery and its horrible shape they are in. God Bless y’all. I watch show I don’t believe in being married to more than one person. But I love all people no matter what!


  13. What about Obama care? I don’t believe they care about whether you are a polygamist or not. It probably would have been expensive, but it is just irresponsible to have 18 children and not care for them! Why have that many children if you can’t take care of them? The crazy part is he has even said he might not be done having children Part of that is having insurance! Seriously you could ask any stranger on the street, and they could make better decisions.

  14. They are all responsible for the lives they live in. The children are the victims.
    Odd thing to want health insurance for another man’s children (Robin’s X) and not your own. I think it was because Robin’s son is a special needs child or has a learning disability.
    Every one fell in line. Every one thought how brave and good and kind Mary was to say okay. Why did he not marry Christine and take care of his own first.
    Remember his company car? So much money used on moving to LV and buying property for overly large brand new fancy (looking) homes. Pretending to make their lives so … grand(?).
    I know they are paid for each episode but nevertheless it seems that their finances cannot support their grandiose life. The life they want people to believe they have. Fake News.
    Honestly an average polygamist family with 23(?) kids and 4 wives would not be able to have what they have.
    Mr. Brown and the Mrs. (legal and spiritual) need a wake up call and check into reality. It seems so far that Mary was the 1st to see it wasn’t working for her. Christine has always been been the optimist but it’s always looks like she can see Kody is not paying too much attention.

  15. I so agree with all the comments! But, Kody did not “marry” Stupid women! They just married a stupid man. They need to to get it together all “3” of them
    and the Other two can ride off into the sunset…

  16. What a crock of crap! The federal law for insurance is a “legal dependant” whether biological or adopted or custodial by court order. There is nothing in the law regarding the relationship status to the mother. He is an idiot. One more thing. He ruined this family by insisting on Flagstaff. I believe he was having an emotional breakdown and made this decision based off of that.

  17. Sorry. But all 4 of u ladies need to move on. That man is. Sick….. He really does not love any of u. He has used the religion to be a selfish narcissist life. All 4 of u ladies deserve real love real men who love and care for u and your younger kids. He cant or Wont. Run get away from him

  18. This show should be cancelled it or the monies that go to Kody pay go right to Trulys and all the other children’s healthcare!!! You kept your polgramy a secret so YOU can go house to house to have sex and the wives have to SHUT UP AND TAKE IT!!
    Your a scumbag and a slime all, Now I understand why some of your children move far away and don’t want anything to do with you, Your a self and no good!!
    When your other children get older and on their own and they are all messed up thanks to you, don’t pretend to be all sorry and bad mistakes and all that crap you knew exactly what you were doing probably had everything in the wives name, we know you did on the houses and other stuff, so they would be in heavy debt and you just walk out the door like nothing happened! Hey TLC don’t keep putting this loser on every season all your doing is pissing us off and calling DSS on that family!

  19. I have always said he was shit head. He keeps proving he is over and over. But what woman would want to leave the decisions for her life up to a person who has no intelligence? He is a con artist.

  20. I wish the three of them would dump his sorry ass and have at it with Robyn. He doesn’t deserve the other three. What a disgrace

  21. How any woman could think he was the best thing since sliced bread is beyond me… He looks like a reject from the hippie era and he expects all the women to take care of him and support him. He keeps making major debt by building homes every time they move and then he expects the women to dig him out. I don’t blame Meri for leaving she’s the only smart one to see him for what he truly is. He thinks he is God’s gift with that mop of hair he has but he is truly mistaken.

  22. I can not believe there are women in this that world would fell for 1 man having sex with 4 of them. The first woman he married had to be on something to let him do it to start with. Man you need to get you job. Pay for your kids let the women go to find real men that will love just them and not have a sissy like you.

  23. He is worse then POND SCUM!!! He brings all these children into the world and doesn’t give a shit about any of them!!! These wives need to really open there eyes and see what a using manipulating asshole he is!! Everything is on the wives!!! I cant believe they have even stayed being his so called wives!!! Ladies wake up he only wants to be with Robin and does not care about any one else!!! He makes me sick!!!!

  24. Christine was pregnant with Truly at the same time Kody started dating Robyn. That alone was a warning sign, Kody is a strutting peacock in a hen house. It’s enough she’s sharing him with 2 other women but he’s chasing a 4th woman. You could tell she was jealous and hurt but played out it was their religious beliefs.
    Robyn was young and at the time was a shapely trophy wife compared to the other wife’s. She had her own house from the start…she didn’t have to share ….thats part of the reasons Kody is indebted more. When Meri signed those divorce papers Kody married the woman he really wanted….and the other 3 wives saw it. The 3 sister wives see the time he spends with her. Even their own children don’t want to live in plural marriage…why…because they seen and know how their mothers are treated and ignored. I stopped watching after the 1st daughter had her baby. There’s no peace
    jealousy is a destroyer of all relationships. Kody could be a single man and do the same life style having many girlfriends with children

  25. Polygamy is illegal in all 50 states. So he still couldn’t include them on their insurance no matter where he is. But he is a piece of crap. Just disgusting.

  26. I agree Kody & that sports car convertible drives me nuts!! These women are crazy! He’s mentally abusive to them all especially Meri! If I was Meri I’d leave & never look back!! Robyn is so stuck on herself it’s disgusting! I don’t know what any of them see inconceited Kody!! That stupid hair of his! Also Janelle and Kody are distant cousins! Crazy family!

  27. I have no problem with there live choices but he knew he had to be able to support his family. There are many people that does choose this live. And there is nothing wrong with it. But yes this man needs to steep up or let them find a man that can. wife’s find another man. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for your choices. They should be able to divorce or leave him.

  28. I never did like Kody, and felt Robyn was trash!!! Yes, trash…She allowed the bird brain asshole to divorce Merri, and then marry the trash n took on her kids while his other women who are STUPID work their asses off to support his disgusting ass…you ladies need to find a man that will love you to the moon n back, and they are out there…

  29. She needs to fly this child to one of the Shriner’s hospitals they never ask for a dime of money. My son had his surgery there and the Surgeon who developed the Harrington rods used for the scoliosis surgery operated on him. Instead of asking for money seek out other things. I would fly my daughter to the nearest Greenville South Carolina maybe, She has a niece that lives either there or North Carlina. Either way they pay for your hotel expenses and meals. She can rent a car to go back and forth from hospital. Yes, I would be leaving that blooming idiot ASAP!

  30. I am with the majority…although it has peaked my
    suspicion, I never thought that he was not true blue…until the bug was placed in my ear about Robyn and her kids…I really did not know the rest of the Clan did not have Insurance…Can’t you get Medical Insurance for common law wife? Also, I don’t know what it’s like in Nev/Utah but you can still get Insurance for the kids under 18…They all have his name and he is responsible for all of them…Something is just not right …

  31. Sounds lovely like Robins living good life with Kody at other wives exspence just not right ,They need to leave her and Kody and do show… Leave Sister wife and husband and surviving

  32. I can’t figure out what these 4 women find appealing about Kody Brown? No way should he have divorced Mari for Robin! If you can’t afford health care for All the kids then why did you have them? Kody should also be responsible for Christines 430,000 medical bill for Truly! He just leaves these dumb women out to fend for the things he doesn’t want to be held accountable for! What a Godly man!-NOT!!! What a puke!!

  33. All I see is drama, just like every soap opera. What did anyone expect. Wave money in someone’s face and of course they change. If these people wanted a real home life, they wouldn’t have paraded their private life in front of the world.

    Glad I stop watching this garbage after the first season. I more or less thought of the show as “Desperate House Wives and their shared Gigolo”.

  34. Kody can be held liable for her medical bills as well. He is that child’s bio father hence he is responsible for half of her medical bills. And if they get any state aid for those children he will definitely be paying up.

  35. I’m sorry but I thought those woman were crazy at first, after watching the show I feel differently. I think he loves every wife and they all truly love him. The kids are so happy and well rounded. Everyone had a right to sell something and say part of the money goes to medical cost. If they were living off the government then I could see the uproar but their not! I do wish Meri would leave just because I think she would be happier but maybe not. Leave them alone, also Cody doesn’t have a walk in the park with 4 wives and 4 houses. Can you imagine all the honey do’s

  36. Kody is a terrible husband and father. I have been watching Meri. I believed back then as I believe now the Meri divorced Kody so she can “legally” walk away. My question is, What’s taking Meri so long to walk away from Kody and this insane madness? Meri gave herself a gift of freedom when she divorced Kody. Their daughter is grown and living her own life, Meri is financially secure and did I say free of Kody! Walk away Meri. Kody has the nerve to find it difficult to forgive Meri her faults when he is one of the most dumb and stupid men on two-feet. Kody the jerk!

  37. I also can’t stand Kody. My last straw was the move to Coyote Pass. The wives tried to tell him this was not a good idea! He is so full of himself. I’ve always thought it was crap when he divorced Meri to marry stuck up Robyn. She is the 4th wife! The other wives have shown their blind faith in him. He should have been more sensitive to what Meri was going through. Kody is ridiculous!

  38. Well the thing is it’s not the children fault either way . plus the government pays hospital bills for people who just show up. What difference does it make if they get help to anyone .we have so many teenagers haven baby’s that we all are paying for it so at least they have all ready have productive children so far they are paying back in that way . so how many people or kids we support that will never be so hats off so far ever child they have has been good. Americans

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