Sister Wives: Kody Family Branches Out and Amps Up?

Sister Wives: Kody Family Branches Out and Amps Up?

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown remains terribly quiet for the new season as new storylines pave their way to TLC reality series fans. The viewers of this long-running reality show are looking for the start date of Season 15. But they do so with crossed fingers that Sister Wives will come out of the storyline doldrums.

As Robyn went dark before the end of the last Sister Wives season, fans can’t wait to see what’s going on when she finally shows up. With Meri, Janelle and Christine constantly present on the social media, fans will stay informed.

While Kody Brown shows up once in a blue moon, the same cannot be said of his youngest wife. Robyn Brown doesn’t seem to be mentioned by any other relative of Sister Wives online. At least one of the other women takes a picture of Kody Brown once in a while. But Robyn Brown just goes missing in a recent video or snapshot online.

Without a Sister Wives final “Tell All” segment last season, Kody Brown took some time on the couch to lure back the viewers. He did all the unfinished business with Janelle and Christine Brown by his side. This seemed to take the place of the “Tell All” that never materialized.

Robyn Brown didn’t even show up for that last part of the episode. Meri Brown was also missing on the couch. Yet Meri Brown is probably the most active Sister Wives member online during this interruption between the seasons. So one of the first things many Sister Wives viewers will be watching is Robyn and her attitude as Season 15 rolls out.

Sister Wives: Kody Family Branches Out and Amps Up?

The Sister Wives enthusiasts who follow the family members online have already heard a few pieces of what to expect for the new season. First of all, fans are pleading with the creators of the TLC reality series to focus on something other than the usual moving and living situation. So what can fans expect in Season 15?

If you want to know about building on the Coyote pass, it seems that this hasn’t happened yet. When that question was asked to one of Sister Wives’ older children, she said the houses won’t go up during the new season.

Sister Wives’ followers know that Ysabel Brown needed surgery to correct the curvature in her spine. She was diagnosed with scoliosis. So now the viewers get to see the teenager’s journey. While Christine Brown’s news indicates that Ysabel’s surgery was a success, it seems that another storyline is breaking down.

Christine takes some of her children to her sister’s house in New Jersey. This will be her home for the weeks prior to Ysabel’s surgery and after the operation while she recovers. It appears that the surgery took place in that neck of the forest. So it looks like the Sister Wives watchers can look forward to meeting Christine’s side of the family. Her sister could be her twin.

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  1. ITs getting really boring…a last word for their ludicrous drama. “You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.” (for each of them, yeah)

  2. Sister Wives needs to get a different show all together. It’s gotten so mundane it’s hardly worth watching anymore. That’s just my opinion. I do think Kody needs to get a real job like a real man but I’ve lost all respect for him. Still like the wives!!!!!

  3. I guess I don’t understand why a man can have more than one wife but the wives can only have the one husband. As far as what I think about Meri and Kody. I feel Kody was very hateful to her when they went on a outting and she was talking about another baby and he was just mean to her so I have not cared to much for the way he treats her. I just think she deserves more respect than what she gets. He had a choice not to marry her he wasn’t forced.

  4. This show has veered off track to much. It used to be able polygamy and how the outside world viewed it and them wanting to make change. Now it’s about Mary denying an affair and everyone sidestepping the issue and moving. Boring.

  5. I had to quit watching sister wives, family is falling apart and Kody still strutting around like a 20 yr old with a bell gut. Show needs to let them ride off into the sunset

  6. It is difficult to look at Kody. What kind of a husband and father is he? Why have more children than you can afford to properly take care of?

    I believe Meri used the adoption of Robyn’s children as an excuse to get herself out of that miserable marriage. Good for Meri! Robyn is now stuck with Kody. Christine and Janelle should get out of their relationship with Kody by running in the opposite direction of Kody. Kody is definitely not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree; nor is Kody the sharpest tool in the shed. All of these women can do a lot better than Kody.

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