Sister Wives: It Never Stops

Sister Wives: It Never Stops

Sister Wives, celeb Robyn Brown, disappeared at the end of last season, and it must take some work on her part to stay out of the public eye. Observations of Kody Brown are also rare. Still, the shared husband occasionally appears in a photo.

But Robyn seems to be doing the impossible in a world where everyone has a camera at the ready all the time. The photographs of the youngest Sister Wives husband seemed to stop when the last season came to an abrupt halt.

Remember, last season ended with no “Tell All” episode. Then Kody Brown, with only two women, said their final goodbye for the season on the last couch segment.

In a book by Sister Wives, Robyn tried to dispel a few rumors. That included writing about the homewrecker reputation she was saddled with online. Despite Robyn’s attempt to disprove this myth ten years ago, it didn’t work.

Even today, you tend to find a Sister Wives discussion that suggests that the last woman to join this family still turned plural marriage upside down. Some fans seem to think that some of the other women’s problems stem from Robyn. Many viewers still think that Kody prefers his younger wife over the other women.

Even though Kody Brown claims that this just isn’t the case, wife number four just can’t shake this fan assumption. More than a decade of being that housewife in the eyes of Sister Wives fans can take a toll on Robyn. So, maybe her recent disappearance has to do with her getting tired of defending herself to the fans.

Sister Wives: It Never Stops

The blame for family problems still falls on Robyn today when it comes to fans on social media. Many viewers who have watched the recent Sister Wives seasons see the Flagstaff movement as bad planning on the part of Kody Brown. But Robyn also gets part of the blame.

The accusations concerning the part of the fourth woman in this move came to light not long after they announced the movement. Then the followers of Sister Wives discovered where Dayton Brown enrolled at the university. Robyn’s eldest child decided to attend a Flagstaff area college while the family was still living in Vegas. That’s all it took, and Robyn became the catalyst for the Flagstaff movement in the eyes of some fans. They suddenly saw this movement about this Sister Wives mom’s need to be near her son.

So not only is Robyn Brown accused of monopolizing the time and affection of her shared husband, but she is now also responsible for the family’s move. It seems that for this Sister Women mother and wife, it never stops. Maybe staying out of shame with this disappearing trick will give this fourth wife a respite from this lost struggle.

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  1. I’m sorry to say at least two of his wives need to take better care of themselves as far as weight goes, one of those two needs to quite playing the martyr, the third has a pretty good atitude and sense of humor. That leaves Robyn I don’t think she was really invested in this in the first place.

  2. I heard Robin say that she didn’t want to leave Vegas. I don’t think Meri should’ve given Kody a divorce, but, since she has, she needs to move on and find another love. I knew that bringing Robin in wasn’t a good choice, but when Kodi refused to let Robin carry a baby for Meri, he was done with Meri. He did spend more time with Robin.

  3. The mere fact that Kody divorced Meri to marry Robyn on the grounds of providing health coverage for her children speaks volumes. Didn’t they have health coverage before they joined the Brown clan? By his actions Kody seems to prefer Robin. And since she is the only legal wife the other women should leave him. He’s no prize!

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