Sister Wives: Kody Refuses To Share Meri Brown’s ‘burden’

Sister Wives: Kody Refuses To Share Meri Brown's 'burden'

Sister Wives Meri Brown and Kody Brown’s marriage has been on the rocks forever. For the past two seasons, fans of the reality show have watched them struggle to save their relationship. However, there seems to be no light at the tunnel for this polygamous couple. A sneak peek of the February 28, 2021 episode, via Us Weekly, reveals that both Kody Brown and Meri Brown, are out of their relationship.  Kody Brown doesn’t even try to mask the state of his marriage anymore. “We’re family, but we’re not acting married,” he tells Nancy Hunterton, their marriage therapist in a flashback scene. The Brown family patriarch looks weary as he admits that “My relationship with Meri Brown is — at best — just distant and amicable.” 

Meri Brown, who has been unhappy for a while, feels the same way. She also told the counselor two months earlier that she had no hope for their union. “The relationship between he and I, it’s gone. It’s dead. It’s over,” she says emphatically in the clip.

Kody Brown also becomes brutally honest about his relationship with Meri Brown, and it’s not pretty. He draws a line in the sand and refuses to share Meri Brown’s emotional baggage. He digs deep and speaks his truth as the sneak peek continues.

Sister Wives: Kody Refuses To Share Meri Brown’s ‘burden’

In the clip from the Feb. 28, 2021 episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown admits that he didn’t even put the work into his marriage to Meri Brown. “For all my marriage with Meri, I felt like she unloads her emotions into a burden that I’m supposed to carry,” said the dad of 18 biological and adopted children. “I’m not carrying this burden, because there’s no reason that I should.” Then, he dropped the bombshell. “I haven’t put effort into that relationship specifically because I have three other relationships that are rewarding and wholesome, with children that need me and with children that need to see me,” Kody Brown explained in the shocking preview. It seems that his relationships with his other sister wives Janelle, Christine and Robyn have taken priority over Meri and their daughter Mariah.

As for Meri, she’s already let Kody Brown know where she stands. She says she’s left “the ball in her court,” which is interesting because Kody Brown then states that neither he nor Meri Brown see any value in their relationship anymore.

Those who have followed the exploits of the Sister Wives know that the relationship between Kody Brown and Meri Brown is complicated. She was Kody Brown’s first wife and they have a daughter together. She was his only legal wife until 2014, when he chose to divorce her to legally marry Robyn Brown because he wanted to adopt his fourth wife’s children. It looks like this already complicated relationship just got even more complicated. 

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