Sister Wives: Kody Says He’s Not ‘In Love’ With Janelle

Sister Wives: Kody Says He’s Not ‘In Love’ With Janelle

Sister Wives season 16 ended with a bang. Christine, Kody’s third wife, packed up her belongings and evicted him from his home. Now, the mother of six has walked away from her plural marriage and is living the single life.

Kody Brown’s marriage to Christine Brown is not the only one that has imploded in recent years. Kody Brown and his first wife, Meri Brown, were almost completely estranged. Now, Kody has admitted that he’s not exactly “in love” with Janelle Brown either. Kody’s words seem to echo what fans have long suspected.

Sister Wives: Kody Says He’s Not ‘In Love’ With Janelle

Before the most recent season of Sister Wives, most fans would say that Kody Brown had the easiest relationship with his second wife, Janelle Brown. The duo seems to get along well, appearing on the same page often, and have spoken fondly of each other in the past. That’s why Kody’s thoughts on his nearly 30-year partnership with Janelle this season struck some family followers as odd.

People obtained the second episode of the season’s reveal episode and revealed that Kody Brown said he and Janelle don’t “collaborate” very well. The statement echoes what fans have seen throughout the season. He went on to say that they were just “really good friends” and seemed to indicate that he wasn’t in love with the mother of six of his children.

Kody Brown’s statement and Janelle’s clear discomfort with questions about intimacy have led some fans to wonder if Kody has an intimate relationship with anyone besides Robyn. While Kody and his wives aren’t willing to discuss it too openly, some Sister Wives fans believe the recent tell-all episode is as close to confirmation as fans will ever get.

Most fans strongly suspect that Kody is only having a sexual relationship with Robyn. They suspect this has been an ongoing issue for most of the Brown family’s television career. Robyn joined the family in 2010, more than 15 years after Christine Brown became wife number 3.

Meri recently noted that her marriage has been sexless for more than a decade. Christine said there were issues with intimacy in her marriage for some time before she left, too. Janelle’s terse response makes it pretty clear that physical intimacy may be lacking in her union as well. So, that just leaves Kody and Robyn.

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