Sister Wives: Meri Brown And Kody Brown Seemingly Mend Their Relationship

Sister Wives: Meri Brown And Kody Brown Seemingly Mend Their Relationship

Sister Wives fans have heard via Ysabel that Kody Brown is spending the night at Meri Brown’s house these days. Many fans now think that the TLC has tricked them with the idea that the couple despise each other. Well, maybe things started to come right after the end of shooting for the season just ended. Fans have seen them participate in marriage counseling once again.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown And Kody Brown Seemingly Mend Their Relationship

TV Shows Ace reported that Ysabel Brown attended a live on Christine Brown’s Facebook about a week ago. The Live has since been canceled. But she told a fan that Kody Brown spent “last night” at Meri Brown’s house.

The fans seemed a little shocked when she told them that Kody had planned the next night at Janelle’s house. Of course, Meri Brown remains part of her routine stopover. Of course, last season, they seemed far from loving each other. In fact, Meri Brown even said that their love was over.

Going back in time, the fans saw the Sister Wives couple at loggerheads. For years, Meri Brown complained, and Kody Brown admitted that they no longer live as man and wife.

No wonder some people feel the TLCs have been queuing up for their so-called toxicity. Others think that Christine may have removed Live because Ysabel violated an NDA TLC. But that may not be the case. Maybe the family let it slip as Meri receives so many fans urging her to leave it.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Went On A Date Night With Kody Brown, Meri Brown Hits The Gym

When was the last time you heard that Meri Brown And Kody Brown dated? But, fans know Christine’s really fighting for Kody’s attention. When she goes out on a date, she does a lot of it on social media. Sun UK reported that she recently bragged about looking “s*xy” for him. They also noticed that Meri Brown recently started going to the gym. She shared videos of herself at the gym with her TikTok.

The conclusion that Sister Wives fans can draw from the article is that Meri Brown could compete for Kody Brown’s attention as much as Christine Brown. While Meri poses without her wedding ring and writes cryptic notes about being self-sufficient, Kody appears quite often in her life, apparently.

The other day, while doing a LuLaRoe Live, Kody Brown came in and talked about his headache and stress. So, it’s not like they’re hiding his involvement in his life these days.

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  1. Come on people this show is disgusting ! If it’s not made up from TLC side. Those are some dumb ads women who in their right mind would share a husband? And lets face it he’s not worth sharing. I. Don’t think he even has a job . If the women think he is a good role model for children . they must be slow to!

  2. Meri deserves better all the way round from all of them. She has loved them all. Helped raise all those kids that were not not really hers and this is what she gets for it. Forget this. You are worth more. Those older kids some of them need a reality check. Go Meri!

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