Sister Wives: Robyn Shamed?

Sister Wives: Robyn Shamed?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has no filter and Robyn Brown is the latest mortified victim after she blurted out something personal in public. Her lack of tact surfaced once again after she answered a question about family planning during the last episode. The same question has come up a few times since the start of the new season of Sister Wives on TLC.

All five adults on Sister Wives recently sat down for an interview. During the interview, the question of whether they see another child in the future came up.

Robyn Brown hesitated to answer, but eventually pointed to the higher power to make that decision. Then, when they took the road trip, which took place on last Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, the children came up again. This time it was Kody who discussed his family’s growth with their friends. The Sister Wives patriarch chatted with the husband and wives of the polygamous family they visited. Their friends’ home was the destination at the end of Sister Wives’ horrific journey.

Robyn Brown was loud and sarcastic when talking about adding more children to the family. She complained that her Sister Wives colleagues were done delivering babies. So, through the process of elimination, that means Kody is talking about her. And…how dare he?

Sister Wives: Robyn Shamed?

The youngest Sister Wives bride looked embarrassed. Then Robyn complained about how Kody Brown should have had this conversation with her first. Discussing her reproductive system on national television turned into unwanted attention for Robyn. She thought Kody had a lot of nerve. But then Robyn seemed to dive into the adage “two wrongs don’t make a right.” She focused on the other ladies.

Since Kody went on her spiel about always wanting to produce new babies, Robyn took offense to that. She very gently pointed out how her fellow moms no longer fit that bill for having children. Since the three oldest wives hover around the age of 50, fans assumed that’s what she meant.

Thus, Robyn was upset that Kody had the nerve to talk about children without asking her first. By doing this, she felt that he put his breeding system on everyone’s radar. However, it was okay for her to discuss the chances of the three original Sister Wives giving birth. Which basically suggested that their reproductive systems did not support childbirth. Isn’t that the same thing?

Written by Emma Fisher

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