Sister Wives: Kody Caught Up In Lust?

Sister Wives Kody Caught Up In Lust

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is lashing out at a viewer of the show for a comment suggesting that everything was fine until the last bride entered the picture.

But this person also suggested that Robyn Brown alone can’t be blamed. It seems that this fan believes that Kody is at fault as well, since he was so “obviouslyin a lustful mood” that he neglected his other wives.

Sister Wives: Kody Caught Up In Lust?

This caught the attention of the patriarch of the Sister Wives, who also offered a rare response.

Usually, the head of this polygamous family ignores negative comments. But for some reason, it seems Kody Brown felt compelled to respond to this one. He began by addressing the commenter as “Hey Jackwagon! From there he said his spiel. But it’s unclear if he defended Robyn Brown or himself.

Either way, he seems to have been barking up the wrong tree. That’s because the Sister Wives enthusiast only threw Robyn’s words back in his face.

During that long Sister Wives lunch in the first episode of this new season, Robyn listened to the complaints of the other wives. Then, all of a sudden, it seemed like she did it all for her.

The co-wives complained about the lack of connection they once had. Robyn Brown began to cry and blamed herself. She suggested that this all started with her joining the Sister Wives family.

This person seems to have gotten under Kody Brown’s skin. But they just repeated what Robyn Brown said. She felt that his arrival was the starting point for unrest within the Sister Wives clan. So, Kody Brown chided the Sister Wives viewer by basically saying that they don’t know what they’re talking about. Kody Brown reminds this person that the family was not known on national television before Robyn joined the family.

But again, this follower didn’t need to know the family before Robyn Brown came on board. They just needed to listen to what his younger bride said during last week’s episode.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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