Sister Wives: It’s Not Over In a Plural Marriage for Kody Brown

Sister Wives: It’s Not Over In a Plural Marriage for Kody Brown

Sister Wives star Kody Brown once again puts Meri Brown on the spot when describing today’s relationship with his first wife.

The words Kody Brown uses to explain how he feels about Meri Brown seem harsh. She’s also his TLC co-star, and even just on the level of another cast member, the words seem a bit cold. But the key to all this coldness towards Meri Brown may have to do with the show. With her wives co-starring on Sister Wives, they need to stick around. What viewers have witnessed over the past few episodes feels like Kody Brown and Meri Brown are torturing each other by staying married. But without Meri Brown, could Sister Wives survive?

The scene outside the therapist’s office was enough to suggest that Kody Brown harbors contempt for the first of his Sister Wives brides.

He stated that he resents marrying her. He also suggests that Meri manipulated him into marriage. So, today, when he describes his relationship with bride number one, he is generic at best. It mirrors those words one might use to describe a neighbor one doesn’t know very well. The patriarch of Sister Wives might describe the person who delivers his mail in the same words he assigns to how things are with the first woman he married.

Kody Brown claims that his “relationship with Meri is at best just distant and friendly.” He seems to be criticizing a service provider. Much like the customer service he received from a cashier at their local supermarket. Claims there is distance between them and sees it as quite mutual.

Sister Wives: It’s Not Over In a Plural Marriage for Kody Brown

Sister Wives fans heard Meri Brown tell the camera that she can’t make Kody Brown love her. She also said she’s hanging in there.

But in a recent interview, the Sister Wives shared one more detail about her husband. It seems that the leader of the family, Kody, explained how he and Meri remain in a dark place. But this is nothing new. He goes on to suggest that this has been the case for a long time. He hopes their relationship will improve. However, he doesn’t seem to put too much stock in that happening.

Kody leaves the door open for any Sister Wives woman to leave him or divorce him. But this is not an option for him.

For Kody Brown to be in this plural marriage means he is in it for life. Kody has to remain Meri Brown’s husband even if it is in name only. This is because it is the commitment he has made to all of his wives.

But they have a chance to escape this marriage. Only if that’s what they want. He explains that for him, it’s never over in multiple marriages. Not when you are the husband.

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