Sister Wives Fans Think Kody Gaslit His Family

Sister Wives Fans Think Kody Gaslit His Family

Sister Wives fans have been following the Browns as they migrate from location to location on TLC. After a lot of time spent without a clear development at Coyote Pass, fans are wondering what the future holds for the family in terms of ownership.

What’s more, some fans are rethinking the move to and from Las Vegas, and have speculated that Kody Brown gassed his family when it came to the whole process.

Since moving to Flagstaff, the sister wives have clashed over plans for Coyote Pass. Kody Brown bought the land with the intention of building one large home for the family, but the plan has proven controversial.

Gwen Brown posted a photo of herself enjoying some time outside with her mother and siblings in August. In Instagram comments, she revealed that the Sister Wives family has yet to begin work on the property they purchased.

She went on to add that she doesn’t expect the plan for the unique home to go through – and since then, developments among family members seem to endorse that statement. Fans have begun to wonder if Kody Brown will ever end up building on the property.

Sister Wives Fans Think Kody Gaslit His Family

Some Sister Wives fans have started to think that Kody Brown gassed his family when it came to moving away from Las Vegas in favor of Flagstaff. “I’m rewatching and Kody keeps saying, ‘Vegas was never the end goal,’ but he never said that when they moved to LV,” one fan of the show posted on Reddit.

“In fact, he did so many things to establish ‘roots’ in LV, including burying a time capsule, stamping their hands in concrete, never putting walls between houses, trying to open a brick and mortar gym, etc.,” they added.

“Let’s not forget the damn tree they planted at the Commitment Ceremony to show they were planting their roots,” another fan pointed out, adding the eye roll emoji.

Another fan had a different suggestion, however. To them, the Browns seem like the kind of people who like to move around.

Written by Christine Cohan

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