Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Goes Solo on RV Adventure

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Goes Solo on RV Adventure

Janelle Brown, star of Sister Wives, has updated her fans with an exciting breakthrough. For the first time, the mother of six is preparing her RV for summer mode without the help of her former husband, Kody Brown. Janelle is taking on this new challenge with determination and optimism.

Back to the RV: Janelle’s New Chapter Begins

When April was nearing its end, Janelle Brown informed her followers of her plans to return to her RV for the upcoming summer months. However, she had not yet chosen an exact location for it. Previously, Kody had provided support, and she had counted on her ex-sister wife, Christine Brown, for help with essentials like water. Currently, Janelle is taking the initiative and facing this new challenge independently.

Family Support: Son Gabriel Lends a Hand

To keep her fans in the loop, Janelle shared a video on Instagram featuring her son, Gabriel, helping her with the RV. Dressed casually in a camouflage shirt and hat, Janelle opened up about her journey. She admitted to being a perfectionist, but emphasized the importance of starting somewhere and learning as she goes.

Fans Rally Behind Janelle

Janelle Brown’s followers were quick to show their support for her new endeavor. One comment read: “Fellow RVer’s have all been through this. 🙌 you got this girl!” Another follower even took a playful jab at Kody, noting that they were confident Gabriel could level the RV – something Kody had struggled with in Season 17.

Independence and Legacy: Janelle’s New Motivation

Janelle Brown has always been an independent spirit. Her love for Coyote Pass inspired her to purchase the RV so she could live on the land. However, her lack of property ownership led her to cling to her marriage with Kody in hopes of leaving a legacy for her children. Eventually, Janelle realized her own worth and value, deciding to build her own legacy instead.

Staying Connected: Visiting Family Near and Far

Even with her recently gained autonomy, Janelle remains closely in touch with her family members. She often journeys to North Carolina to spend time with her daughter, Maddie, and her grandkids, and she also visits Christine in Utah. Demonstrating a resolute mindset and backed by her relatives and supporters, Janelle Brown is showing that she’s fully equipped to embrace this novel experience solo.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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