Sister Wives: What’s Really Happening With Coyote Pass Five Years On!

Sister Wives: What's Really Happening With Coyote Pass Five Years On!

It’s the real estate quandary that has “Sister Wives” fans gripping their seats—what on Earth is happening with the Coyote Pass property? Purchased back in 2018 by Kody Brown and his family, the land was supposed to be the foundation for the family’s future homes. Now, with multiple marriages disintegrated and zero construction in sight, we delve into the latest revelations about this enigmatic piece of land. Read on for exclusive insights!

Sister Wives: The Current Status of Coyote Pass

Per an exclusive report from The Sun, Coyote Pass remains completely untouched five years after its purchase. No shovel has ever hit the dirt, no foundation has been laid, and the closest anyone came to residing on the property was when Janelle Brown temporarily embraced the RV lifestyle. Newly published photographs confirm the inertia. The land, valued at $820,000, now stands as an emblem of unkempt promises—filled with overgrown grass and marked only by a wooden fence.

Kody Brown, along with Robyn, Janelle, and Meri, still holds a stake in this undeveloped investment. However, given that Kody is no longer married to Meri or Janelle, the chances of any construction happening look increasingly slim.

Sister Wives: Why Selling Coyote Pass Isn’t So Simple

While fans are speculating that the family should cut their losses and sell, this proposed solution is rife with complications. For starters, Robyn and Kody Brown own a significantly larger share of the land compared to Meri and Janelle. This disproportion in ownership could spark further family tensions if they decide to sell.

Moreover, Janelle Brown has, at least in the recent past, still expressed interest in building on the property. Her plans included a greenhouse, an idea that seemed earnest at the time but now hangs in the air like a half-finished sentence. Could she actually have lost interest, or is something else at play?

Many questions hover around this stagnant investment, like uninvited clouds at a summer barbecue. If the family decides to sell, the process is sure to be as tangled as their relationship statuses. And if they choose to retain the property, it’s unclear what purpose it serves in their rapidly evolving lives.

According to TLC’s Sister Wives’ official page, the show is set to return with a new season soon. Will they finally address this burning issue? Fans are on the edge of their seats, and so are we.

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