‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans is now reportedly dating Herbert Wilkinson

'Teen Mom 2': Jenelle Evans is now reportedly dating Herbert Wilkinson

Fans of Teen Mom 2 still keep an eye on Jenelle Evans after she was fired from the show. Nowadays that might be difficult, because she’s keeping a low profile while she’s divorcing David Eason.

However, she is reportedly moving on to another state. She also tends to respond to rumors about her new life. Find out how she reacted to someone accusing her of not spending time with her children and more.

Jenelle Evans is divorcing David Eason

Jenelle Evans announced in a statement on Instagram that she’s filing for Eason’s divorce. She revealed that she moved from North Carolina to Tennessee with her children.

The mother also filed a restraining order against him. She claimed in filing the file that there were “several incidents” of “alleged abuse” by him and “she is concerned for her and the safety of her children”.

She also claimed that his threats “escalated” through text. Jenelle Evans added: “Because of his recent threats, his history of violence, his erratic behavior and his large stock of weapons, I am afraid for my life and the welfare of my children.

The ban was granted and then renewed on December 11th. “There is a continuation until January 13th,” a Davidson County employee revealed to Radar Online. The former couple will have to appear in court on January 13, 2020.

Jenelle Evans is now reportedly dating Herbert Wilkinson

There have been many rumors about Evans’ love life since she announced Eason’s divorce. She denied many of them, but allegedly she’s dating a new man.

His name is Herbert Wilkinson, and the 31-year-old is from Massachusetts. He previously appeared on an MTV reality show with his former girlfriend, Noelle Trudeau in 2010. He later appeared on Breaking Boston and Is She Really Going With Him.

She responded to a tweet accusing her of not spending time with her kids

Evans went to Twitter to share a message with her fans. She tweeted, “#Pray4Australia , a fan reached out to me tonight and told me that her family is trapped in the forest fires. She wanted me to spread the word! It’s on fire all over the country. Please be safe out there! “Listen to the law enforcement agencies and the fire department.”

One person responded to the tweet with “Go home to ur [sic] kids. Did you see what that d**chebag said to you [sic] 3 years ago? Stop the bike girl!” The former reality star tweeted back, “I’ve been home all day with my kids.”

Some other fans wondered what the person meant by what he said three years ago. Hollywood gossip reports that Wilkinson made several negative tweets about Evans years ago. Some of the tweets shown say she deserves the death penalty and call her “useless”.

She has yet to confirm that she has a new relationship with him. The alleged tweets still need to be addressed. There is one thing the mother does want to make clear to people and that she spends time with her children.

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  1. I will skip her segament.She is as fake as fake can be. She is really a sad case.She should spend time with her children. I feel sorry for them! I think they also believe these girls are embarrassed by her!

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