‘The Bachelor’: Peter Weber says the season will be unspoiled

'The Bachelor': Peter Weber says the season will be unspoiled

The Bachelor franchise has always been emotionally challenging for its contestants. It’s a whirlwind of romance where contestants compete for love, how could it not be gut-wrenching on occasion?That said, Peter Weber claims that this particular season finale of The Bachelor is particularly challenging. Here’s what the pilot had to say about what the fans can expect from The Bachelor final.

The ending is raw and real 

When discussing The Bachelor finale, there’s realistically only so much Peter can spill. we can’t have all the details before it’s televised.

Peter Weber did reveal, however, that it’s an ending unlike others so far. The pilot told USA Today: “It’s certainly a unique ending, just like any story, but all in all it was raw in one word and I’m proud of that”.

Peter Weber went on to tell the publication that he was nothing but real with his emotions throughout his season of The Bachelor.”I wore my heart literally on my sleeve all the time, from the first night I first met everyone until the end, the last day,” Peter Weber said.

Chris Harrison chimed in, adding that the ending isn’t formulaic. “The great thing about this show is it’s not predicated on the fact that it always works, and I think that would be insincere if it were. Not all relationships come out well, not all relationships need to make a commitment. I’m glad we’re embracing that,” said the host.

“It’s a wild ride. It is a turbulent, wild, emotional, gut-wrenching ride right up until the very end,” added Chris Harrison.

Does that mean The Bachelor will see an ending without a choice made by Peter Weber at the end? Harrison’s comment definitely leaves a lot of questions dangling in the air.

Is Hannah Brown involved?

'The Bachelor': Peter Weber says the season will be unspoiled

While fans know by now that Hannah Brown. will be involved on the newest season of The Bachelor, it’s not clear how her relationship with Peter pans out just yet, or if fans will see her on The Bachelor finale. However, Peter Weber has made it clear that her resurrection does evoke some of his old feelings for her.

The pilot told USA Today: “That relationship was really special for both of us. When I see her that first night, I realize that maybe not everything is ready yet.

Peter Weber also told People, “Even though it didn’t work out with us on The Bachelorette, obviously that relationship still meant a lot to us.You’re gonna see how much it meant to us when you watch the episode.”

Peter Weber says the season will be unspoiled

Fans are always hungry for more details and hints about what’s going to happen at The Bachelor, but Peter Weber says this season will go unspoiled.

Peter Weber told Entertainment Tonight, “There’s a reason no one’s going to find out the ending and I’m very happy with how everything turned out. And I find it exciting for everyone to tune in and let it be the first pristine season in a while. So it’s gonna be good.”

Meanwhile, Chris Harrison has teased that when it comes to Peter Weber’s quest for love, “it may still not be over.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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