The Bachelorette: Tyler’s First Impression of Hannah Brown

The Bachelorette: Tyler’s First Impression of Hannah Brown

Hannah and Tyler of The Bachelorette may not be together anymore, but their friendship is stronger than ever. On November 10th Tyler Cameron posted a YouTube video on his channel of him and Hannah Brown, in which they discuss their first impressions of each other.

The new YouTube video shows Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron continuing their mukbang from an earlier video on Cameron’s channel. For the video, the two set up Chick-fil-A and ate while discussing their first impressions and pet sleeves. Dustin Kendrick from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette also joined them.

When asked about her first impression of Tyler Cameron on The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown said, “This is something I’ve never told anyone…. Anyway, I came up with completely-“

“She came in ready to mess me up,” Tyler Cameron said. “Yes, I thought he was a player,” said Hannah Brown. “He didn’t even have a chance before he came out of the limo. I mean, you did, but I…” “I was already two points behind everybody,” said Tyler Cameron. “Yes, you were already two points behind,” Hannah Brown agreed.

The Bachelorette: Tyler’s First Impression of Hannah Brown

While Hannah Brown didn’t trust Tyler Cameron at first because she assumed he was a player, Tyler Cameron had another first impression of Hannah Brown.

“I was stone-cold sober when I came out of that limo, but I was so freaked out because it was like a million lights. I literally blacked out,” Tyler Cameron said. “But my first impression? I mean, she was killing that golden dress. She looked great.”

He continued, “Then Scott had a girlfriend and I saw the really mean Hannah come out. And I thought, “I don’t want to make her angry. That was about the size of my first impression, because I never saw her that night”.

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  1. I really wish you two would just let down your guard and do it! Take the leap. You are clearly each others biggest fans. The chemistry is recognizable to a blind person. You are just friends…OK. when y’all get done being best friends , you can realize that best friends who can make fire together last forever. Just a little advice from someone who knows..

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