The Bachelorette: Tayshia Adams Reveals A Lakers Player Slid Into Her Dms.

The Bachelorette: Tayshia Reveals A Lakers Player Slid İnto Her Dms.

The Bachelorette star, Tayshia Adams, talks about her dating life. However, it’s not in terms of giving spoilers for The Bachelorette or a possible hint for what’s coming on the show.

Instead, it’s about how a man slipped into her DMs. While she doesn’t reveal who it was, she has no problem revealing that it is a famous NBA player. But Tayshia is not a name-dropper and she protects his privacy when playing cute little attempt to get her attention.

The Bachelorette: Tayshia Reveals A Lakers Player Slid İnto Her Dms.

The confession came during a podcast episode. She played cautiously when she dropped the little fact that an NBA player had slipped into her DMs. Last week, Tayshia Adams and her podcast, Click Bait, did a crossover with The Bachelor Happy Hour with Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay.

“Well, I’m not going to say the name, but I talked to a Laker.” Tayshia revealed that she had no intention of gossiping about this man.

Even though she wanted to protect his identity, she had no problem saying he wasn’t a particular superstar. “I wish it was LeBron James,’ Tayshia revealed when her fellow stars tried to guess who she was talking to. “No, believe me, no one exciting, I wish someone was really good, but no, no one exciting”.

She’s currently the Bachelorette on ABC – without an NBA player trying to ruin the party.

Tayshia Adams still has a lot to tell about the outcome of her season of The Bachelorette. Reality Steve has a few guesses about what might happen, but he’s still waiting for sources to share the final result.

Tayshia’s outcome hasn’t been as predictable as Clare Crawley’s season finale. After packing The Bachelorette, Tayshia has revealed that she is on cloud nine. She also celebrated her birthday, where she revealed that she was happy and thriving. But her comments never related to the fact that she was happy and in love or engaged.

However, people still have high expectations and hope that Tayshia will find love. Dale Moss recently revealed that he plans to watch Tayshia’s season because he knows the guys who are fighting for her right now. He hopes and believes that there is a chance for Tayshia to find love with the boys at the show.

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Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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