The Bachelorette: Noah Channelled Colton With The Fence Jump

The Bachelorette: Noah Channelled Colton With The Fence Jump

When Noah Erb came out of the limo to kick off Tayshia’ season of The Bachelorette, he immediately stood out thanks to his mustache, which – spoiler alert! – Tayshia Adams finally got him to shave off. Then he somehow managed to get a group date, even though he wasn’t on the date in the first place.

Chasen Nick would fight Ed Waisbrot, but Ed pulled out because of a previous shoulder injury. Noah Erb was in the audience, as a spectator, while the boys fought each other in the ring, hoping to catch Tayshia’s eye in the process.

After Ed told host Chris Harrison to withdraw from the fight against Chasen, Chris asked if someone else would intervene and fight Chasen instead. None of the guys who were actually part of the date volunteered. Then Noah Erb jumped up, jumped off the fence, took off his shirt and greased him, ready to throw some punches.

Of course, this is not the first time that Bachelor Nation has seen a man scaling a fence. On the season of Colton Underwood of the Bachelor, he famously jumped the fence when Cassie Randolph quit the show. Immediately after, he dumped Tayshia Adamsand Hannah Godwin to sue Cassie. It really felt like a full circle moment in some ways, with Tayshia Adams finally getting a man willing to take the plunge (literally). Fans just couldn’t help but compare it to Colton’s great moment.

The Bachelorette: Noah Channelled Colton With The Fence Jump

Noah hopping that fence for Tayshia gave Bachelor Nation a sense of déjà vu, which oh-so-fits since Tayshia Adams was a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season. A fan mused, “Colton ran so Noah Erb could run.” Another person wasn’t a fan of the gesture, tweet, “Noah we all know what happened the last time a bachelor jumped a fence before a woman hashtag cringed”. Someone else described Colton’s jump into the fence as “the only jump into the fence in my mind that matters”.

Someone else hit the caps lock key and wrote, “NOAH WE DON’T JUMP FENCES ANYMORE THAT’S CANCELLED WYD.” Given the final mess and the injunctions that split Colton and Cassie Randolph, any ode to Colton’s movements simply isn’t right with some people. De Knot twittered: “When Tayshia Adams said, ‘Noah Erb, you jumped over a fence for me. Did anyone else….major….flashbacks?” Yeah, a lot of people, actually. Eventually the fans will find out if the gesture will pay off.

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